Tuesday , June 22 2021
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COVID-19 impacts mental health

Dan Bukenya’s case shows how the many restrictions imposed lead to increased levels of stress, anxiety and depression | THE INDEPENDENT | Dan Bukenya felt beleaguered by anguish. He lost sleep most nights and was often testy. He tried to self-medicate to no avail. Only when he agreed to be …

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When is the reshuffle?

Museveni new cabinet: It’s his fight for survival COVER STORY | THE INDEPENDENT | When is the reshuffle? That was just one of many shock reactions to the new cabinet President Yoweri Museveni announced on June 08. After many nail-biting days since the country entered the post-election June cabinet naming …

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IN THE INDEPENDENT: The reshuffle!

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | These are the top stories in this week’s THE INDEPENDENT. COVER STORY The reshuffle?: Museveni new cabinet; It’s his fight for survival THE LAST WORD On Museveni’s new cabinet: The president’s choice of ministers and what it tells us about the factors that shape the …

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Informal food markets

What makes the unsafe and what it takes to make them safer | THE INDEPENDENT | Around the world, food systems and supply chains come in different shapes and sizes. And so too do food safety problems and their solutions. In high-income countries, food supply chains are long and complex …

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