Saturday , April 13 2024


Banning Tik Tok in America

What the US needs is data privacy, not a ban on the popular Beijing-based video-sharing platform COMMENT | AARON GLASSERMAN & MONICA GRECO | The United States House of Representatives recently passed the Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act. It is no secret that the Bill takes aim at …

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Electric buses winning over Rwandan market

KIGALI, RWANDA | Xinhua | Chinese manufacturers of electric buses have set BasiGo, a Kenya-based company, on course toward its business sustainability but also the start of a significant role in advancing Rwanda’s transition to greener transportation. It is roughly three months since BasiGo launched pilot electric buses in public …

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Africa’s push to regulate AI starts now

AI is expanding across the continent and new policies are taking shape. But poor digital infrastructure and regulatory bottlenecks could slow adoption ANALYSIS | ABDULLAHI TSANNI | In the Zanzibar archipelago of Tanzania, rural farmers are using an AI-assisted app called Nuru that works in their native language of Swahili …

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