Monday , March 30 2020


Ugandan technopreneur launches video conferencing platform

  ADVERTISEMENT: Ugandan Technopreneur and Glamour Technology’s proprietor Kenneth Ntulume has today launched a video conferencing platform called Collaborate Space. Collaborate Space is a powerful digital application with a full suite of audio, video, and meeting tools in a persistent space offering hundreds of Ugandan users a unified virtual meeting cloud …

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Facebook, Twitter place warning labels on altered Biden video

Washington, United States | AFP | Facebook and Twitter both added tags denoting false or manipulated content to a video reposted by President Donald Trump of his Democrat rival Joe Biden. The edited video, which appeared to show Biden endorsing the president, was marked “partly false” by Facebook and “manipulated …

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EU seeks AI champions: Five things to know

Brussels, Belgium | AFP | From translation apps to facial recognition, artificial intelligence is becoming a major part of everyday life and the European Union is eager to bring order to this digital “wild west” where the US and China dominate. On Wednesday, key Brussels officials will unveil ideas to regulate …

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