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Nakalema’s unit continues to bite

A State House Anti-Corruption Unit launched in December last year has continued to instill panic among public officials who swindle government money. Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | URA officials, town clerks, district administrators and others have all fallen prey. In the last week, the unit made a string of …

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COMMENT: A case for a bold economics

  Will economists prove more helpful today, when the challenges are as pressing as the Great Depression? COMMENT | DANI RODRIK | At the end of 1933, John Maynard Keynes sent a remarkable public letter to U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. FDR had taken office earlier that year, in the midst …

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What is African art?

University don confronts subject of African identity, neo-colonialism and decolonisation Kampala, Uganda | DOMINIC MUWANGUZI | The question of African identity in art has been very topical recently. Africa does not produce art and all the art created by African artists – in the Diaspora and on the continent – …

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Preventing tragic suicides

Depressed people use language differently. Here’s how to spot it COMMENT | Mohammed Al-Mosaiwi | From the way you move and sleep, to how you interact with people around you, depression changes just about everything. It is even noticeable in the way you speak and express yourself in writing. Sometimes …

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David Masanso of talking cartoons

`I don’t admire anyone because our journeys are different’ Kampala, Uganda | AGNES E NANTABA | David Masanso is an animator who has mastered the art and science of making computers and cartoons work together. He runs Crossroads Digital Multimedia, a local animation production studio in Kampala, Uganda. Masanso rose …

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COMMENT: Closing Africa’s energy gap

Developing economies across Africa are in a unique position to invest in cleaner sources of power at a lower cost COMMENT | BHAVTIK VALLABHJEE | Africa is a continent blessed with an abundance of natural resources – water, wind, thermal coal, natural gas, and of course plenty of sunshine – …

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