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Highlights of the 2016-2021 NRM Manifesto achievements

  NRM MANIFESTO WEEK |  Agriculture sector – Agriculture is one of the major drivers of Uganda’s economic growth with over 64% of the population employed in the sector and with Agriculture-based products accounting for about 43% of exports in FY 2019/20. The Agriculture sector registered improved growth rates from 2.8% …

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Ministry of Trade promotes cooperatives, agricultural zoning

  NRM MANIFESTO WEEK |  The 2016 -2021 NRM Manifesto committed to Promote co-operatives and other associations together with the one village–one-product and the agricultural zoning policy for bulking and trade efficiency. In fulfillment of this commitment, the Ministry of Trade, Industries and Cooperatives mobilized farmers to form Commodity Cooperatives, …

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Uganda’s journey to Industrialisation

  NRM MANIFESTO WEEK | To promote the establishment of mini-industries at zonal or sub-county level, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Coorperatives  through the Rural Industrial Development Programme (RIDP), sixty three (63) enterprises with a focus on the following value chains: milk, coffee, maize, sim sim, wood and wood products, …

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Ministry of Tourism conserves for generations

  NRM MANIFESTO WEEK |  Tourism is making a significant contribution to Uganda’s Vision 2040 of transforming Uganda into a middle-income country. It has become a transformative force propelling and fueling economic growth of the country. Tourism has become an invaluable unifying force, bringing together people of different nationalities, religions, regions …

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NRM promotes trade in the region

    NRM MANIFESTO WEEK |  The Ministry of Trade implemented the manifesto commitment of continuing fast-tracking the East African Community (EAC) economic and political integration in line with the vision of having a single monetary union and achieving political federation of all the EAC member states. Economic integration was deepened …

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Defence invests in wealth production

Promoting production for wealth creation and self-sustainability NRM MANIFESTO WEEK |  The Defence sector is highly involved in production for wealth and self-sustainability in times of peace. For instance, through the Luwero Industries Limited, some of the supplies for UPDF are being made. There has been gradual increase in the capitalization …

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