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GLOBAL COMMENT: Tackling science’s gender-parity

At the youngest age in elementary school, girls should be encouraged to study math and science COMMENT | THE INDEPENDENT | Two years ago, the United Nations designated February 11 the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. As the 2018 commemoration approached, it was worth reflecting on female scholars’ …

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COMMENT: Double threat to democracy

When illiberal democracy – or populism, combines with undemocratic liberalism to undermine liberal democracy COMMENT | DANI RODRIK | The crisis of liberal democracy is roundly decried today. Donald Trump’s presidency, the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom, and the electoral rise of other populists in Europe have underscored the threat …

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COMMENT: Commercial farming models in Africa

Different kinds of commercial farming will have different effects on the economy COMMENT | RUTH HALL, DZODZI TSIKATK, IAN SCOONES | Colonialism brought large-scale farming to Africa, promising modernisation and jobs – but often dispossessing people and exploiting workers. Now, after several decades of independence, and with investor interest growing, …

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COMMENT: Yes to affordable housing

The two key challenges that must be tackled to enable easy home building in urban areas COMMENT | JAN MISCHKE | From London to Lagos, “affordable housing” has become an oxymoron. In most cities, rents and home prices have increased faster than incomes, and in urban areas with robust job markets, housing …

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COMMENT: African Renaissance at last

Reports of African economies among fastest growing show long dream turning into reality COMMENT | GERALD MBANDA | The concept of African Renaissance has been on the lips of progressive Africans for decades as a renewal of the way of doing things to overcome Africa’s challenges and advance the well-being of …

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GLOBAL COMMENT: What I learned at Davos

It’s no surprise that as the Davos consensus has ebbed, a wave of populist nativism has rushed in COMMENT | LARRY HATHEWAY | The World Economic Forum’s annual flagship meeting in Davos has always been an easy target for caricature, even ridicule. Over the years, it has gained a somewhat deserved …

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COMMENT: Uganda’s climate change policy

Specific interventions needed as uncertainty and variability of rainfall threatens economic progress COMMENT | MILDRED BARUNGI & FLORENCR NAKAZI | In the past five years, Uganda has experienced climate change and variability. This has been mainly exhibited through uncertainty of rainfall patterns for the two main cropping seasons (i.e. March to May …

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COMMENT: Uganda’s state of violence

The killing of Mowzey Radio shows how excessive state violence has alienated Ugandans from good governance COMMENT | MORRIS KOMAKECH | The extreme violence where President Yoweri Museveni and his NRM enthusiasts have taken Uganda’s politics will alienate many people from meaningful participation in society’s affairs. Already, Ugandans feel helpless – …

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COMMENT: Corruption in Road sector

Could remedy be e-governance? COMMENT | CISSY KAGABA | The Government of Uganda has since 2008 prioritised road construction and maintenance by committing a substantial part of the budget towards the same. Uganda spends over Shs3.3 trillion ($1b) annually on public infrastructure and roads still receive a lion’s share of the …

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