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COMMENT: Powering Africa’s transformation

Making it easier, safer, and financially attractive for private investors to enter markets would boost competition, lower costs  By Carlos Lopes, Tony Elumelu, and Aliko Dangote Africa has a bright future ahead of it. Productivity and growth will improve as African economies continue to place more emphasis on services and …

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COMMENT: On Stella Nyanzi

Should the intelligentsia’s weapon of choice in contesting the ideas of the current ruling class be brawny or brainy? By Kwezi Tabaro The late author Michael Crichton’s 2004 novel, `State of Fear’ – about a conspiracy by Hollywood, environmentalists and academicians to create unnecessary fear among the public about global …

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Finally, Rwanda gets the apology it is owed

The church had refused to  acknowledge, let alone apologise for,  its notorious role in setting the stage for, enabling and ultimately participating in the genocide By Gerald Caplan April 7 marked  the 23rd anniversary of the genocide of Rwanda’s Tutsi by the country’s Hutu majority, and the Roman Catholic Church …

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COMMENT: Compensating free trade’s losers

Even if compensation was a viable approach two decades ago, it no longer serves as a practical response to globalisation’s adverse effects By Dani Rodrik It appears that a new consensus has taken hold these days among the world’s business and policy elites about how to address the anti-globalisation backlash …

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COMMENT: Without health, no wealth

Simply put, health creates wealth and the international support Uganda has relied on may not materialise this time By Deborah R. Malac On World Health Day April 07, Uganda should have taken stock of the progress it has made in creating a healthier population. According to the recently released Uganda …

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COMMENT: The pesticide threat

The appointment of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s biggest detractor as its boss could become America, and the world’s nightmare  By Mojisola Ojebode A new report issued by the United Nations (UN) takes a controversial stance on synthetic pesticides. The conventional wisdom is that they are essential to feed the …

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COMMENT: Talks of hope

If they happen, meaningful Museveni-Besigye talks could re-set political landscape of the country By Morris DC Komakech The reported prospect of talks between FDC leaders and the NRM dictatorship is kind of assuring. `Uncle’ Muniini Mulera’s “Letter to Tingasinga” in the Daily Monitor of April 4, 2014 (Refer: Museveni-Besigye talks: …

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