Friday , March 24 2023
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The shakeup the World Bank needs

If the Bank fails to listen to the demands of developing countries, the West will lose them COMMENT | Ana Palacio | Major changes are afoot at the World Bank, but few people seem to be paying attention. Beyond devising a new, greener mission, the Bank is undergoing a leadership transition, with …

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What’s next for globalisation?

The future of the world economy will depend on how these competing policy frameworks play out COMMENT | Dani Rodrik | The narrative that underpins the current global economic system is in the midst of a transformative plot twist. Since the end of World War II, the so-called liberal international order has …

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Museveni’s many labours

Corruption, homosexuality and Muhoozi as seen through the president’s address to parliament COMMENT | IAN KATUSIIME | In his address to Parliament on March 16, President Yoweri Museveni did not mention a word about the iron sheets; the raging corruption scandal engulfing his Cabinet where the Vice President, Speaker of Parliament …

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Why two U.S. banks failed fast

The collapse of SVB and Signature Bank shows that the crisis in the U.S. banking sector is not over yet COMMENT | Vidhura S. Tennekoon | Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank failed with enormous speed, so quickly that they could be textbook cases of classic bank runs, in which too many …

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The rains have started!

COMMENT | Elizabeth K. Patience | While most, if not all of us are excited at the showers because they relieve us of the heat, dust and dry vegetation, there are those excited at receiving water, despite the how or where. It is common for people to assume that access to …

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African women leaders in business and tech

Businesses have an important role to play in re-addressing the role of both men and women in all spheres COMMENT | Sinit Zeru & Ebere Okereke | While there are increasingly more African women in leadership roles, they are still significantly under-represented but there are a number of things businesses can do …

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Want gender justice?

Investing in women lawyers counters the limited aid and philanthropy and pushes gender equality forward COMMENT | Sabrina Mahtani | One of my mentors, human rights lawyer Yasmin Jusu-Sheriff of Sierra Leone, once told me: “Individuals can be broken, they can be silenced. But it is very hard to kill an organisation …

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