Sunday , July 5 2020
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The 2021 `scientific election’

Are the organisers of the COVID-19-defined general elections informed by science, panic or opportunism? COMMENT | JOSEPH MUKASA NGUBWAGYE | The Electoral Commission (EC) of Uganda on June 16 launched a revised road map for the 2021 general elections. The most controversial pronouncement was that the process, including campaigns and …

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Uganda’s history of electoral violence

Should we expect a difference in 2021 `scientific elections’ that have banned campaign rallies? COMMENT | GODFREY MWESIGYE | “There are campaign beatings, ballot beatings, and post-election beatings. … Then after the election cycle is over, the country shall revert to ordinary beatings.” Mary Serumaga— Pambazuka News, 29 Aug 2018. …

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Which economic stimulus works?

Poorly designed stimulus programs are not just ineffective, they can push economy into recession COMMENT | JOSEPH E. STIGLITZ AND HAMID RASHID | Governments around the world are responding forcefully to the COVID-19 crisis with a combined fiscal and monetary response that has already reached 10% of global GDP. Yet …

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The fake pandemic news

  Bending its curve starts with the simple act of you not sharing junk health news that pops up in your feed COMMENT | PHILIP N. HOWARD | Would you believe that the coronavirus was developed by a government to weaken its foreign rivals? Or that “patriots” created it to …

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