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COMMENT: Weaning African leaders off power

Democracy from below could be the antidote to addiction to power by leaders who refuse to leave office COMMENT | KEALEBOGA J MAPHUNYE | Some African countries have recorded democratic victories in the past 12 months. Ethiopia has a new leader whose ascent holds great promise for change, despite the country’s …

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COMMENT: A loss for Kenyan democracy

Mass resignation of columnists from The Nation shows press freedom means holding owners accountable COMMENT | NANJALA NYABOLA | On March 27, eight columnists from the Nation Media Group resigned from the Nation newspaper, citing a lack of editorial independence. For Kenya’s largest daily, the exodus of top talent was the …

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COMMENT: How press freedom is won

Recent events show that no media market is immune to erosion of press freedom but resistance is possible COMMENT | LEON WILLEMS | Every year on May 3 – World Press Freedom Day – news producers and consumers pause to reflect on the state of global media. This year, as journalists …

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COMMENT: Africa’s path to development

Economists are confident that Africa’s development model will be different from that of East Asia COMMENT | BRAHIMA COULIBALY | Recent projections indicate that several Sub-Saharan African countries will experience robust economic growth over the next five years. By 2023, around one-third of the region’s economies will have grown at an …

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COMMENT: Development lessons from Rwanda

The intimate connection between political and economic institutions is the heart of development COMMENT | ENOCK NYOREKWA TWINOBURYO | I recently visited the Rwanda – residing largely in Kigali. I was particularly impressed at the transition and strong faith by citizens in their development trajectory. There is strong unionism and strong …

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COMMENT: The Globalisation backlash paradox

Financial flows regularly wreak havoc, so the absence of protest against their integration is strange COMMENT | ARVIND SUBRAMANIAN | Most economists wax eloquent about the benefits of “real” global integration that is, virtually uninhibited cross-border flows of goods, labour, and technology. They are less certain when it comes to global …

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COMMENT: Parliament and human rights

Why legislature needs to embrace activism and duty protect and promote human rights COMMENT | ISABELLA BWIIRE | In the exercise of its legislative powers, Parliament must promote human rights in three specific ways: It must repeal all existing laws that violate the rights protected in the constitution, ensure that none …

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COMMENT: Magic of Cuban doctors

Why bringing them in a hostile environment may not solve the problems of a malfunctioning healthcare system COMMENT | CISSY KAGABA | The recent rather interesting proposal by the government to hire Cuban doctors who would earn Shs5.4 million a month has attracted divergent views. There has not been sufficient stakeholder …

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COMMENT: Rethinking the 21st century economy

Tax codes written for an analog economy and statistics that fail to capture real wealth won’t do COMMENT | MARGARETA DRZENIEK-HANOUZ | Before the threat of a US-China trade war arose, surging stock markets and corporate profits had obscured the fact that the global economic system is under existential stress. Global …

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