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Sam Mugumya: Unbowed in dissent

COMMENT | Olivia Nalubwama | “I think of you as the freest person I know…Then everyone you know is a slave.”This haunting line is from the Ayi Kwei Armah’s classic book, The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born, on the failure of post- independence African leaders. Enter Sam Mugumya. In 2014, …

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We are not ‘the gays’, we are okay

COMMENT | Olivia Nalubwama | Lately, homosexuality in a hostile takeover has grabbed our social media feeds and news headlines. The news headlines must be grateful for the break. Now we do not have to hear about corruption, unbridled ineptitude, and torture nio nio nio. We Ugandans of upright standing and …

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Did we imagine Kakwenza’s mutilated back?

COMMENT | Olivia Nalubwama | It is now a year since a firestorm erupted in the wake of writer Kakwenza Rukirabashaija’s torture ordeal in state custody. In December 2021, state agents broke into Kakwenza’s home, abducting him. In early January 2022, court ordered police to release Kakwenza – the police did …

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Impunity is not how we build a better Uganda

COMMENT | Olivia Nalubwama | In recent days, yet another embarrassing video of a geriatric African president failing spectacularly trended online – 89-year-old Cameroonian president Paul Biya lost his marbles for an excruciating three minutes during the December 2022 USA-Africa Summit. In the video, he farts, looks around seemingly unaware that …

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Making money from November 2020 killings

COMMENT | Olivia Nalubwama | “The rights of our people are supreme, and can never be compromised, and full accountability must be there…,” said President Yoweri Museveni on August 11 at the swearing-in of 16 newly-appointed judges. Such fine words from the fountain of honour on the privilege of being …

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