Wednesday , January 29 2020
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Art of drawings

Local masters emphasise heart of old craft | DOMINIC MUWANGUZI | Drawing as a discipline largely forms the spine of art-making. If a person can draw they can create art since drawing presents the widest scope of artistic expression; be it sculpture, painting, installation or photography. Drawing still forms the …

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Listening to music in jam

It does more than calm you down | THE INDEPENDENT |  Driving can be very stressful, particularly if you are stuck in heavy traffic or are an inexperienced driver, and this stress will eventually take its toll on the heart. However, researchers now confirm that there is a simple fix …

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Civil servants and political pressure

c Why African governments can resist political influence in distribution of public goods but may not avoid it completely | JSUTIN SCOTT SCHON | Electricity is a hot political issue in Ghana. Ghanaians demand access to the electricity grid as a right of citizenship. And, when not connected, they have …

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Green industrialisation for Africa

Africa’s late industrialisation, which put it at a significant disadvantage, can be its greatest asset | TARIYE ISOUN GBADEGESIN | Africa has contributed less to the climate crisis than any other continent, but it will suffer some of the worst consequences. It already is: this year, Cyclone Idai killed more …

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The rise of superbugs

Facing the antibiotic resistance crisis | THE INDEPENDENT | While medical research has helped us overcome many health threats, we now face a new type of crisis: Many dangerous bacteria are becoming resistant to the drugs meant to fight them. Where do we go from here? What is the state …

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