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Universal COVID-19 vaccine

Pfizer and BioNTech to test a candidate | THE INDEPENDENT | Pfizer and BioNTech announced a new clinical trial for universal COVID-19 vaccine candidates.They say the candidates will include T-cell enhancing shots and pan-coronavirus shots that “protect against the broader family of viruses and its mutations.” A key challenge for …

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The African Union at 20

Some reason to cheer, but lots of work ahead | CHRIS CHANGWE NSHIMBI | The European Union (EU) has lived up to the primary reason it was created – ensuring that member states will not wage physical war against one another, but settle their differences amicably. It owes some of …

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Meta’s machine breaks language barriers

Artificial Intelligence helps translate over 200 African languages | THE INDEPENDENT | Meta ( announced on July 06 that it has built and open sourced ‘No Language Left Behind’ NLLB-200, a single AI model that is the first to translate across 200 different languages, including 55 African languages with state-of-the-art …

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‘Middle Income’ status

  Museveni’s dream and numbers that don’t lie Kampala, Uganda | RONALD MUSOKE | Since President Yoweri Museveni announced on June 7, rather surprisingly, that Uganda had attained Lower Middle Income status, the question has been why the President appears desperate for Uganda to attain that rank. Several views have …

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IN THE INDEPENDENT: ‘Middle Income’ status

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | These are the top stories in this week’s THE INDEPENDENT. COVER STORY ‘Middle Income’ status: Museveni’s dream and numbers that don’t lie THE LAST WORD Uganda’s biggest handicap: How low levels of skill impact our nation’s ambitions in government, private sector and our homes COMMENTS …

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Hydropower is a bad bargain

While hydro dams emits no greenhouse gases, reservoirs can be worse than fossil-fuel power plants COMMENT | BRAHMA CHELLANEY | The era of cheap oil and gas is over. Russia’s war in Ukraine – or, more specifically, Europe’s ambitious effort to wean itself off Russian fossil fuels at a time …

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Cooking with ‘dirty’ fuels

It affects women’s mental health, say researchers | MATHEW SHUPLER | About 2.6 billion people – nearly half of the global population, most of them in Africa, Asia and central and south America – rely on biomass fuels, like wood and charcoal, or kerosene to cook meals, heat and light …

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Antimicrobial resistance

Lack of diagnostic facilities escalates the problem Kampala, Uganda | PATRICIA AKANKWATSA | The problem of antimicrobial resistance in infectious agents has been rising, and there is global concern that in the absence of interventions to reverse this trend, the means to treat infectious diseases will be limited and out …

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