Saturday , August 8 2020


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Herd immunity to stop COVID-19?

Some scientists say once enough people get Covid-19, it will stop spreading on its own. But the costs could be devastating | ANTONIO REGALADO | There are basically three ways to stop the Covid-19 disease for good. One involves extraordinary restrictions on free movement and assembly, as well as aggressive …

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Resolving refugee disputes

Insights from a Ugandan settlement | SARAH VANCLUYSEN AND BERT INGELAERE | Typically, refugee camps or settlements, whether in Greece, Jordan or Libya, are seen as lawless environments. They are characterised by a lack of structure, rules and norms. But, based on our study with South Sudanese refugees in northern …

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Slums on the front line

They are next in the fight against the coronavirus | MAIMUNAH MOHD SHARIF | The spread of COVID-19 has transformed many of the world’s great cities into tragic household names as their reported cases and deaths rise: Wuhan, Milan, Madrid, New York City, and more. But as the pandemic continues …

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COVID-19 Vaccine

Uganda’s scientists, researchers join race  | THE INDEPENDENT | Uganda is among countries where researchers are working to develop a safe and effective vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Prof. Pontiano Kaleebu, the director of Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI), says they are looking at two strategies …

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Poaching up under COVID-19 lockdown

Park communities join organised criminals for survival as absence of tourist dollars spreads poverty Kampala, Uganda | RONALD MUSOKE | Poaching in Uganda’s national parks has doubled during the COVID-19 pandemic compared to the same period last year, say officials at the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA), the national conservation agency. …

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