Thursday , May 23 2019


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Public housing in Equatorial Guinea a mirage for the poorest

Malabo, Equatorial Guinea | AFP | In a country awash with oil, the poorest survive in shantytowns a stone’s throw from smart modern apartments and family homes supposedly built to help those most in need. The government of Equatorial Guinea had billed the rows of state-subsidised housing as never-to-be-missed home-owning opportunities for the poor. But …

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Bobi Wine and Besigye

Bobi Wine and Besigye: Who gains, loses in partnership?  Kampala, Uganda | HAGGAI MATSIKO | Did the May 6 agreement between Bobi Wine and Kizza Besigye to “partner” against President Yoweri Museveni weaken the People Power leader? Did it strengthen a sinking Besigye? Besigye, representing the People’s Government, and Robert …

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