Monday , March 30 2020


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Fossil fuel and climate change

As pressure builds to phase out fossil fuels in Africa, African Business Magazine’s NJ Ayuk argues that we must not rob our continent of the benefits it can realise from oil and gas. Africans | THE INDEPENDENT | Pressure is building to phase out fossil fuels in Africa to fight …

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Coronavirus bailout

COVER STORY | THE INDEPENDENT TEAM |  As the coronavirus pandemic ravages the globe, countries are scrambling to protect citizens financially, cushion businesses and companies, and ensure their economies do not fail from the fallout. This is because the coronavirus pandemic is not only straining the world’s health sector, businesses …

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Kampala’s polluted air

Experts advise on best time to jog and best suburbs to live Kampala, Uganda | RONALD MUSOKE | It is not odd to find Kampala’s growing number of fitness buffs jogging around the city’s suburban streets in the late afternoon—between 4-7pm. Every day of the week, they run up and …

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