Sunday , April 30 2017


health news

Ebola ruled out as 11 die mysteriously in Liberia

Liberia tests mystery illness after 11 unexplained deaths Monrovia, Liberia | AFP |  Liberia said Friday that samples from people struck down by a mystery illness are being tested abroad after 11 unexplained deaths, though Ebola has been ruled out. The unidentified illness has affected 19 people in Greenville, southeastern …

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Scientists breed caterpillars that can eat polythene bags

KAVERA: The Very Hungry Caterpillar joins fight against plastic pollution Polyethylene Paris, France | AFP |  A moth caterpillar commonly bred to provide fish bait feasts on a notoriously resistant plastic, scientists reported Monday, raising hopes the creature can help manage the global problem of plastic-bag pollution. “This discovery could be …

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First large-scale malaria vaccine trials for Africa

Nairobi, Kenya | AFP | A new malaria vaccine will be tested on a large scale in Kenya, Ghana and Malawi, the World Health Organization said Monday, with 360,000 children to be vaccinated between 2018 and 2020. The injectable vaccine RTS,S could provide limited protection against a disease that killed …

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Thai man arrested for smuggling sperm to Laos

Bangkok, Thailand | AFP |  Thai authorities arrested a man trying to smuggle six vials of sperm into Laos, a customs officer said Thursday, the latest sign that a commercial surrogacy industry is growing in the opaque communist country following curbs around the region. The 25-year-old was arrested in the …

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COMMENT: Without health, no wealth

Simply put, health creates wealth and the international support Uganda has relied on may not materialise this time By Deborah R. Malac On World Health Day April 07, Uganda should have taken stock of the progress it has made in creating a healthier population. According to the recently released Uganda …

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WHO hails major gains against once ‘neglected’ tropical diseases

Geneva, Switzerland | AFP | The World Health Organization on Wednesday hailed “unprecedented progress” in the fight against 18 neglected tropical diseases — including dengue fever and sleeping sickness — which kill 170,000 people and disable millions each year. The UN’s health agency, pharmaceutical companies and civil society groups led …

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