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Smart farming practices yield dividends

At the recent Harvest Money Expo, participants witnessed how Agric-techs support farmers to use mobile phones to transform COMMENT | DAVID BIRUNGI | Agriculture continues to be a key contributor to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of various economies across the world. According to the 2020/2021 financial year, agriculture accounted …

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Mwenda wrong on real problem of Uganda

The contradictions in his arguments and the contempt he holds Ugandans in, especially the educated, is striking COMMENT | JACK PINTO | Refer to: “The real problem of Uganda: Educated Ugandans can’t see they don’t need a perfect policy environment to become prosperous” (The Independent April 21).  I open Mwenda’s …

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Long-term peace and prosperity

  We need new international systems embedded in nature and redesigned to improve the human condition COMMENT | MARGARET KUHLOW | Russia’s war in Ukraine is a humanitarian catastrophe that violates the United Nations Charter and international humanitarian law, and has exacerbated socioeconomic and environmental crises around the world. It …

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The coffee deal with UVCC is a bad deal

The `investor’ behind the complicated Lubowa International Specialised Hospital, is the same one behind UVCC COMMENT | ABBEY KIBIRIGE SEMUWEMBA | The legend about coffee is that it was discovered by a goat shepherd when he noticed his goats became so energetic after eating berries from a certain tree. He …

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Food price shocks

Governments can learn from the food price crises of 2008-2013, when African states put in place insulating policies COMMENT | MARK REDWOOD AND STEVE WIGGINS | In the weeks since Russia invaded Ukraine, commodity markets have been rocked, as both economies have effectively been removed from global trade. Ukrainian exports …

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3 things the Late Jacob Oulanyah stood for

COMMENT | Ricky Rapa Thomson | The death of the fallen Speaker of Parliament, Jacob L’Okori Oulanyah sharply struck us all, not because of the status he possessed in the eyes of the public, but rather because of the mark he left on every community he associated with. As stakeholders in the …

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