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Personal commitment to fight cancer

Whoever you are, you have the power to reduce the impact of cancer for yourself, the people you love and for the world COMMENT | Joyce Moriku Kaducu | Every February 04, Uganda joins the rest of the world to commemorate World Cancer Day, to raise awareness of cancer and …

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Three revolutions economics needs

The underlying causes of current crises point to a need to reshape how economics is taught and practiced COMMENT | Edmund S. Phelps | Project Syndicate | The West is in crisis – and so is economics. Rates of return on investment are meager. Wages – and incomes generally – are …

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How to end mental health stigma

Mental health: Leaders must consider four critical priorities COMMENT | Bernard J. Tyson | Project Syndicate | The world faces an epidemic of mental health problems that cuts across borders, economies, and cultures and carries a stigma that leaves people suffering in silence. Tackling the problem requires political, business, and …

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Ensuring basic income

  The breakdown of welfare state income distribution systems has created 8 giants to be battled COMMENT |  Guy Standing | Project Syndicate|  In 1942, William Beveridge issued an epoch-defining report that established a model for welfare states in the post-war era. He recognised that the old social protection system had …

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COMMENT: Safeguarding minority groups

  Indigenous minority groups in Uganda have five major problems that need to be addressed holistically COMMENT | JULIUS ODEKE |  Recently, I traversed the Rwenzori sub-region making it to almost all the sub-counties in the area, enjoying the beautiful landscape and the cultural and environmental atmosphere of the area. …

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COMMENT: Selling Africa’s good news stories

How to stop negative Africa stereotypes that feed western hunger for one-dimensional narratives COMMENT | SHAYERA DARK | Project Syndicate | Anywhere in the world, freelance journalism is an extreme career choice. The job requires withstanding pitch rejections, ignored queries, stolen story ideas, and delayed payments. It means reconciling oneself …

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COMMENT: The road ahead for the DRC

To secure the political transition Tshisekedi will have to reach out to presidents Kagame, Museveni COMMENT : ADITI LALBAHADUR | Project Syndicate | In the early hours of January 10, election authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo finally announced that Félix Tshisekedi, leader of the opposition Union for Democracy and …

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