Thursday , February 9 2023
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Poverty undermines Uganda’s public education

How the incidence, depth, duration, and timing of poverty together influence a child’s educational attainment COMMENT | HAMZA WAMONO | March 2020 will forever be remembered in the education community as the month when all schools in the country shut their doors. The government instituted nationwide school closures due to …

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This is our time to get food systems right

Following the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa’s food systems approach to tackling hunger and poverty COMMENT | HAILEMARIAM DESSALEGN |  For many decades, it has been perceived that the solution to food insecurity in Africa is increased agricultural productivity. While this is part of the solution, it is not …

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Wage bill management in local governments

Leveraging information technologies is crucial in mitigating challenges posed by new normal of COVID-19 COMMENT | PHOEBE ATUKUNDA | The Government of Uganda decentralised human resources management and development to Local Governments (LGs) under Section 126 of the Local Governments Act Cap 243. This legislation gives LGs powers to determine …

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