Thursday , February 9 2023
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Achieving sustainable, inclusive growth

Why government and philanthropy need to steer incentives and resources toward three interconnected goals COMMENT | Sven Smit, Anu Madgavkar, and Kevin Russell | In November 2022, hundreds of corporate CEOs and heads of state convened in Bali, Indonesia, for the B20 global business summit. The topics on the agenda revolved around …

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What are you doing to solve problems?

Today, many people have made careers and fame from analysing problems with very few proposing even basic solutions COMMENT | Crispin Kaheru | In the first year of my job after university, one IT service provider nicknamed me, “Mr. Solutions”. This was because every time we had a local area network challenge …

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Why Ugandan businesses should embrace Risk Management amid global volatility

  Just as the COVID-19 pandemic improved risk awareness amongst the public and enterprises of all sizes towards embracing insurance, so should the current global environment emphasise the need for Risk Management Products COMMENT | RAHMAH MASAGAZI | Even as humanity collectively embarks on the painstaking journey of recovery from …

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