Thursday , February 9 2023
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The world must avoid another food crisis

It is becoming clear that the Ukraine war’s economic and humanitarian repercussions – especially rising food prices – will be felt far beyond Europe, and international community must act now. COMMENT | NGOZI OKONJO-IWEALA | The war in Ukraine is causing immense, heart-wrenching human suffering. At the World Trade Organization, …

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Greening African cooking

The kerosene and charcoal used for cooking in much of Sub-Saharan Africa limits the continent’s ability to meet its climate goals and damages the health of millions of women and children COMMENT | BRIAN MALIKA | As the world races to meet the goal of net-zero carbon emissions, most regions …

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Africa’s coup wave

Democratization push in Africa’s poorest countries has failed to produce legitimate governments capable of delivering security and development, and the increasing frequency of military coups should trigger a rethink COMMENT | RABAH AZREKI | At the end of the 1980s, political liberalization swept across Africa, seemingly indicating that it was …

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What is the fuss about phones in school?

COMMENT | DEDAN TUMUSIIME |  Recent reports that the Ministry of Education and Sports was considering allowing greater use of mobile phones in post-primary institutions will divide the country in two. Easier availability of mobile phones, especially among individual students in secondary schools, has one big single benefit. Greater and …

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