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The true Christmas

How to rekindling its spirit COMMENT | Dion Forster | If the media, popular entertainment, and retail habits are taken as indicators then the celebration of Christmas is no longer just the reserve of Christians. This has some consequences for the religious and non-religious alike. In popular culture and the media, Christmas …

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African festivities are about eating chicken, but revellers object to “Rastafarian” birds

COMMENT | Alfred Geresom Musamali | African native festivities are to a great extent about eating chicken. The stature and trait of feathers on an indigenous chicken may, however, determine the Ugandan consumers’ preference for its meat during this festive season. Some revellers in Uganda are craving for or even willing …

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Europe’s Russia sanctions

They are a shot to the foot as there shouldn’t have been an abrupt transition from Russian energy supplies COMMENT | Brahma Chellaney | It seems obvious that sanctions – an increasingly important tool of Western foreign policy – should inflict significant pain on the target without exacting unsustainably high costs from …

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Makerere University Convocation at crossroads

Makerere University Convocation is holding elections on 30th December but the ignorance, apathy, bureaucracy and even suspected forgery surrounding them could mar the exercise, WRITES Alfred Geresom Musamali SPECIAL FEATURE | Makerere University Convocation is the statutory body that brings together its staff, alumni and other stakeholders. Elections for the Convocation’s …

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Funding Africa’s start-up sector

Can continent keep up its record $7bn funding trend over next 12 months amidst current global turmoil? COMMENT | Thabiso Foto | Startups have become vital engines of change that can have an outsized impact on an economy. They are crucial in fueling innovation and enhancing economic and digital competitiveness. They improve …

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