Wednesday , October 27 2021
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Why schools are anxious about reopening

It is very clear that guidelines will impose more Covid-19 prevention related costs on schools. Who will meet the extra costs? COMMENT | Justus Mugisha | We all breathed a sigh of relief when President Yoweri Museveni on Monday  announced partial re-opening of schools. But the more I think about …

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A pledge for Africa

  To overcome the current global public-health and economic crisis, rich countries must support Africa COMMENT | ABIY AHMED | The world will not be free of the COVID-19 pandemic until all countries are free of the coronavirus that causes it. This simple fact underscored the urgent need for the …

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Opportunity for government in COVID-19

  The viral flu pandemic offers government great opportunity to improve service delivery in education sector | COMMENT | GERALD PADDE AUKU |  The world is faced with the looming negative impact of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) causing deaths, illnesses and economic despair and a badge to global poverty currently estimated …

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Ease capital requirements for banks

  Why government must support the banking sector to keep credit flowing to stimulate economic growth COMMENT | SIMON MUTUNGI | Following the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, many banks collapsed worldwide while others had to plow through public funds in the form of government bailouts in order to survive. To …

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Is parliament immune from punishment?

Unlike past occasions where MPs controversially paid themselves despite public outcry, they should be punished this time COMMENT | PETER WANDERA | A lot has been written and spoken about the Shs10 billion scandal in which each MP received Shs20 million. From the debates and justification given, one is left …

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Wake up call on Chinese racism

The actions of Chinese officials in Guangzhou exposed them as really not different from apartheid South Africa COMMENT | HILDA MUKIIBI |  Professor Makau Mutua, the maverick Kenyan academic, columnist and Chair of Kenya Human Rights Commission drew praise and consternation in equal measure recently when he called on the …

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Tackle climate change with the zeal of the COVID-19 fight

    Government responses to climate crisis must be permanently changed after the coronavirus has been dealt with COMMENT | Phoebe Atukunda | On 14th April 2020, Ugandans experienced a total black-out nationwide which the country’s electricity transmission company – UETCL – later revealed was caused by a “floating” island that …

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A motion of infamy

COMMENT | David Mafabi | Last Thursday, the Parliament of Uganda passed a so-called “Motion of Displeasure” directed at the President of Uganda for, amongst other things “making disparaging remarks against the Speaker and the Parliament of Uganda”! Another charge was, to paraphrase, disregarding “the doctrine of separation of powers”! …

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