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Monetisation of garbage

The incentives that must be given to people to minimise the amount of garbage that reaches landfills Project Syndicate | STEPHEN NWALOZIRI | As a child growing up in Lagos, Nigeria, in the late 1990s, I remember women roaming through my community and chanting in Yoruba, “onigo de o! Anra …

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A century of international civil service

Why an idea conceptualised a 100 years ago at the League of Nations still matters to the aspirations today COMMENT | HENNING MELBER | This year marks a century since a formal international civil service was introduced into the world. The first time this particular breed of professionals came into existence …

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Genuine electoral reforms needed

The Supreme Court in 2016 noted the need for electoral reforms and made a number of recommendations COMMENT | MICHAEL ABONEKA | Uganda will go to polls again in 2021 which is barely two years from now. The electioneering year will start next year (2020) as the Electoral Commission and some …

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We don’t need a bigger particle collider

When new experiments cost billions of dollars and take decades, we need to be more scrupulous Project Syndicate | Sabine Hossenfelder | Between Lake Geneva and the Swiss Jura, more than 100 meters (328 feet) below the surface, lies a circular tunnel, 27 kilometers (17 miles) in circumference, containing superconducting magnets …

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Sudan can avoid past mistakes

By drawing lessons from its history it can ensure negotiation of settlements of the country’s broader conflicts AFRICA ANALYSIS | WILLOW BERRIDGE | A military coup d’etat in Sudan has ended Omar al-Bashir’s 30-year rule. This is the sixth coup the country’s military have led since independence in 1956. The …

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The revolt against virtue

The virtuousness of progressive politics, often accompanied by privilege, can be hard to tolerate Project Syndicate | IAN BURUNA | A common explanation for the rise of right-wing demagogues around the world is that many people feel “left behind” by globalism, technology, deindustrialisation, pan-national institutions, and so on. They feel …

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The future of economic growth

It depends on working-age population which is predictable and productivity which is uncertain Project Syndicate | JIM O’NEILL | Last month, I wrote about the growing divide between economic theory and real-world economic conditions, and reminded readers that economics is still a social science, despite whatever loftier ambitions its practitioners …

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Time for a true global currency

Turning the SDR into a global currency would yield benefits for the world’s economy and monetary system Project Syndicate | José Antonio Ocampo | This year, the world commemorates the anniversaries of two key events in the development of the global monetary system. The first is the creation of the …

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