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COMMENT: Africa’s future and Education

Africa needs another one million university-trained researchers to tackle its pressing development challenges COMMENT | ALIKO DANGOTE | It is time for an entrepreneurial and knowledge revolution in Africa. Only a properly educated workforce and entrepreneurial class will have the skills and drive to thrive as new technologies change the nature …

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COMMENT: Defending democracy’s essence

The right to trustworthy information produced in a free and pluralistic environment is under threat COMMENT | SHIRIN EBADI & CHRISTOPHE DELOIRE | On December 10, 1948, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, affirming the view that “the will of the people” – democracy – …

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COMMENT: Making the most of emerging economies

Some have managed their debt levels, increased productivity, improved infrastructure, and reformed COMMENT | BERTRAND BADRE | Once again, the world’s emerging economies are facing a bout of uncertainty. Argentina, South Africa, and Turkey are among those generating the most concern, owing to a combination of questionable monetary policies and currency …

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COMMENT: The emerging high achievers

A look at 18 countries making the “secret sauce” that enables more stable and robust economic growth COMMENT | ANU MADGAVKAR & JEONGMIN SEONG | Emerging economies are often grouped together as something of a monolith. But when it comes to economic performance, they diverge widely, with only some countries achieving …

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COMMENT: Big food’s poisonous propaganda

How addiction turns sugar from a `food’ into a `drug’ on which unsuspecting masses get hooked COMMENT | ROBERT H. LUSTIG | Every advertising executive knows the difference between marketing and propaganda. One uses facts to espouse a point of view, while the other relies on falsehoods and deceit. But if …

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COMMENT: Uganda needs 17,000MW of electricity

UEGCL could play a role in developing crucial new generation infrastructure COMMENT | HARRISON E. MUTIKANGA | In his address to the Nation on September 9, 2018; His Excellency the President stated that we are aiming at generating 17,000MW of electricity in the next 10 years. We at Uganda Electricity Generation …

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COMMENT: What is threatening science?

Scientists in recent decades have felt increasingly compelled to oversell their research for funding COMMENT | JEREMY J.BAUMBERG | Scientific knowledge and technological innovation, as Yuval Noah Harariemphasises in hisbookSapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, are among the key drivers of economic progress. Yet there is remarkably little reflection taking …

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COMMENT: Education in the age of automation

Formal education is teaching workers the wrong things, instead of digital, technical, and soft skills COMMENT | LEEJONG-WHA | As digital technologies and automation have advanced, fears about workers’ futures have increased. But, the end result does not have to be negative. The key is education. Already, robots are taking …

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