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The revolt against virtue

The virtuousness of progressive politics, often accompanied by privilege, can be hard to tolerate Project Syndicate | IAN BURUNA | A common explanation for the rise of right-wing demagogues around the world is that many people feel “left behind” by globalism, technology, deindustrialisation, pan-national institutions, and so on. They feel …

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The future of economic growth

It depends on working-age population which is predictable and productivity which is uncertain Project Syndicate | JIM O’NEILL | Last month, I wrote about the growing divide between economic theory and real-world economic conditions, and reminded readers that economics is still a social science, despite whatever loftier ambitions its practitioners …

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Time for a true global currency

Turning the SDR into a global currency would yield benefits for the world’s economy and monetary system Project Syndicate | José Antonio Ocampo | This year, the world commemorates the anniversaries of two key events in the development of the global monetary system. The first is the creation of the …

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Uganda’s increased electricity generation

  What are the implications of the commissioning of the 183MW Isimba dam for end-user tariffs? Kampala, Uganda | JULIUS WANDERA | The installed capacity of Uganda’s electricity generation increased to 1,177 MW in March 2019, following the commissioning of the Isimba Hydro Power Plant (HPP) that added 183 MW …

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Bad news for women

  Female experts are outnumbered as sources by their male counterparts in nearly every field Project Syndicate | HANNAH STORM | Nancy Pelosi is the highest-ranking elected female politician in the history of the United States. Theresa May is only the second female British prime minister. Amal Clooney is a …

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COMMENT: Let’s talk about geoengineering

Deadlock at UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi shows it’s a complex problem without a single solution Project Syndicate | DAVID KEITH | Negotiations on geoengineering technologies ended in deadlock at the United Nations Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya, recently, when a Swiss-backed proposal to commission an expert UN panel on …

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A new shape for the mortgage industry

  Ensuring affordable housing for citizens requires a radical overhaul involving mortgage refinancing COMMENT | JOHNSTONE OLTETIA | There are two essential parts to achieving affordable housing: building decent, low-cost homes, and developing housing finance market that enables low-income earners to buy those homes. For, without finance, almost no home …

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Buganda and EAC political federation

Katikkiro Mayiga should summon the Lukiiko come out with a clear Buganda position Kampala, Uganda | KAVUMA KAGGWA | President Yoweri Museveni has been selected to oversee and provide political guidance to the legal experts tasked with the drafting of the East African Community (EAC) constitution on political confederation. The …

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Which way, Uganda Tourism Board?

COMMENT | By Amos Wekesa | Yesterday evening at Sheraton Hotel, Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) old guards officially handed over power to the new guards…… While sitting at the back with fellow tour operators ,I listened to different speeches. Some speeches were good, others just okay but looks like no one wanted …

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