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Amos Wekesa’s MV Kazinga gets operational licence


Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Works and Transport Ministry has issued an operational license to MV Kazinga, which belongs to Great Lakes Safaris. MV Kazinga will offer rides to local and foreign tourists in Kasese.

The 65-seater boat was launched on Lake Edward in August. Amos Wekesa, the Director, Great Lakes Safaris, says MV Kazinga is a strong addition to the tourism menu in Kasese, which recently passed a resolution to be labeled and gazetted a tourism district.

The boat was however, yet to be cleared for transport works on Lakes Edward, George and Kazinga Channel. Sarah Kataike, the Spokesperson of the Works and Transport Ministry, says MV Kazinga has been offered an operational license having met all the safety measures.

She however, cautions revelers who will use the vessel to always ensure their personal safety by putting on life jackets whenever on the boat. Kataike notes that on several occasions people tend to ignore basic safety measures, which compromises their safety when storms happen on the water.

Kasese District Tourism Officer, Jovia Mbambu applauds Wekesa for the boat, saying it will go a long way in increasing the retention capacity of tourists when they come to Kasese. Mbambu appeals to the rest of the sector players and people of Kasese to become innovative and widen the tourism menu of the district.

She said the people of Kasese don’t have to look to grand innovations whose capital they may not afford but can engage in simple but unique features like craft making and branding cultural troupes, which she said could add a lot of value on tourism within the area.

Mbambu also asked Kasese residents to embrace domestic tourism and visit the various tourism destination sites in Kasese.




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  1. A hearty congratulation for Mr Wekesa. You are indeed an inspiration to many. I am certain more bigger things are on your success path. Keep up the zeal.

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