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The Maasai ‘Olympics’

Why warriors are swapping lion massacre for sports trophies Kampala, Uganda | RONALD MUSOKE | On Dec.10, thousands of spectators in traditional red cloaks and beaded jewellery gathered to watch 160 young Maasai – 120 men and 40 women – compete in the 5th biennial ‘Maasai Olympics.’ The sporting jamboree …

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New public health law coming

Emerging health threats prompt Govt to revise Uganda’s colonial Public Health law Kampala, Uganda | RONALD MUSOKE | Uganda’s unending battles against deadly infectious diseases like Ebola, COVID-19 and Marburg are among the factors that have prompted the government to swiftly amend its 87 year-old colonial law on public health. …

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As the 8 billionth person is born

Here’s how Africa will shape the future of the planet’s population In mid-November 2022 the eight billionth person was born, according to the United Nations. In its analysis of this milestone, the UN makes two key observations. The first is that the global population has been expanding at its slowest rate …

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Facebook is failing journalists

Its behavior contradicts its pledge to be mindful of how bad actors could abuse its platforms COMMENT | AZRU GEYBULLA | On January 29, 2018, the prominent Berlin-based Azerbaijani news site Meydan TV had its Facebook page hacked for the first time. The attackers removed all admin accounts, deleted all …

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US dollar is getting stronger

Why African countries that are feeling the pain are left with few and challenging policy options COMMENT | JONATHAN MUNEMO | The U.S. dollar has been advancing rapidly in response to the Federal Reserve’s resolve to keep raising policy rates for longer to regain control of stubbornly high inflation. This has …

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Want to live longer?

  Having a sense of purpose may help you, research shows A growing body of evidence suggests that living with purpose may help you live longer. Recently, researchers wondered whether this effect would apply equally across genders, ethnicities, and races. This was the focus of a new study led by …

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