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Museveni wants gov’t agencies to recruit staff with integrity

President Museveni

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT  | President Museveni has advised government agencies and departments to recruit people who have integrity and not academic papers.

Museveni who was on Wednesday speaking at Kololo Independence grounds after the match against corruption said that recruiting staff based on academic papers is common in Uganda Revenue Authority-URA and Inspectorate of Government.

He also said that supervision is hindering government’s efforts against corruption.

President Museveni also described corruption as both a moral and spiritual problem. He referred to those who steal as parasites because they get wealth that they have not worked for.

According to Museveni, the judiciary and local leaders should not only focus on morality issues but also encourage citizens to focus on income-generating activities like commercial agriculture, Industrial development and information communication technology if they are to end corruption.

Earlier in the morning, Museveni walked from Constitution Square to Kololo Airstrip. The walk was aimed at intensifying the fight against corruption.

He was accompanied by ministers, Members of Parliament, members of civil society organizations and religious leaders among others.

The walk, however, paralyzed traffic in the central business district and other parts of the town.

Several roads in the central business district were closed forcing many motorists to abandon their vehicles and resorted to walking. All motorcycles were also not allowed to go beyond the cut off points.





  1. My foot after 33 years, it is laughable that Mr. Museveni who himself has no integrity and therefore been appointing Judges like Kavuma and Ministers without integrity like e.g.: Sam Kuteesa, Jim Muwezi, Mike Mukula, Beti O Kamya, former VP’ Specioza Kazibwe,, Gilbert Bukenya, etc. wants government agencies to recruit staff with integrity.

    For starters, in 1987 with bravado Mr. Museveni told whoever cared to listen that he does not mind about corruption so long as the proceeds from corruption are invested in Ugandan, and not banked in some Swiss Bank account. In a nutshell, it was the same Museveni who flagged off the corruption spree, just like he flagged off the anti corruption on 4th December 2019.

  2. Mr. Museveni is a double face personality. In order to take credits (political expedience Mr. Museveni sparks off crises and then champions the solutions. E.g., including urban terrorism (drive by shooting) executed by the Gen Kyaligonza of this country Museveni was behind all the insecurity during Obote II.

    In recent past e.g., Ugandans should not rule out the insecurity of kidnaps and grizzly murders of innocent Ugandans, especially women, which necessitated the mass importation and installation of CCTV Cameras in Kampala City and Surbubs; as being Mr. Museveni’s handiwork. For Mr. Museveni corruption, conflict and/or economic and human insecurity are politically functional. If it happened in Luweero, why can’t it happen now as long as it guarantees his grip on Ugandans and power.

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