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Makindye voters cry to Kabuleta over taxes and health services

Kampala, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | Voters in Makindye West in Kampala have cried out over high taxation and poor health services during a meeting with Presidential Candidate Joseph Kabuleta.

Kabuleta was meeting the youth and traders in Katwe at Muganzirwaza building during his campaign tour on Friday.

Kayaga Mary one of the residents present decried the appalling state of health centers and the poor services available especially for maternal needs.

She also cited the high cost of medicines especially for Non Communicable diseases like hypertension.

Kabuleta told the voters that a huge amount of donor funds go towards purchasing the drugs which are then stolen and sold expensively by government officials.

He points out that the majority of the poor spend 80% of their income on health that is supposed to be free.

A motorcycle mechanic from Katwe lamented that the taxes on goods were biting hard and said he would vote for a president who would introduce a relief from the high taxes.

Kabuleta says the only way of guaranteeing that taxes are eased is to ensure that all those who are meant to pay their due share of taxes do so. He cites the gold exporters that earn over a billion dollars in revenue annually and yet do not pay any taxes.

Sheik Noah Nabwanga the county sheik for Katwe said that the residents were tired of being asked to create groups for provision of loans every now and then with no response from the government on when funds would be available he says he has been asked to form groups for several programmes and he is now skeptical of the recent ‘Emyooga Programme’

Kabuleta told the meeting that President Museveni’s preference is too keep the majority of the population in poverty in order to maintain his grip on power since an impoverished population is easier to manipulate.




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