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COMMENT: The feminization of African politics

Evidence shows that women’s political leadership strengthens governance capacity and cooperation with allies COMMENT | FATIMA AL ANSAR & SHONA BEZANSON | Last month, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed appointed a new cabinet; ten of the 20 positions went to women. One week later, the country’s parliament unanimously elected Sahle-Work Zewde …

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COMMENT: Behind National Dialogue

Is it a Piriton pain killer pill by President Museveni to drug Ugandans into slumber? COMMENT | MORRISON RWAKAKAMBA | Since talk and preparations for the national dialogue were put in motion over a year ago by a host of shepherds led by Inter-Religious Council of Uganda, The Elders Forum and …

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COMMENT: European Union and Human Rights in Uganda

70 years after the Universal Declaration, the European Union has chosen seven priority areas to support COMMENT | ATTILIO PACIFICI | Seventy years ago, when global leaders came together to agree on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the world was just beginning its slow and painful recovery from a devastating …

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COMMENT: The world George H.W. Bush made

His administration’s foreign policy record compares favourably with that of any other modern U.S. president COMMENT | RICHARD N. HAAS | I have worked for four U.S. presidents, Democrats and Republicans alike, and perhaps the most important thing I have learned along the way is that little of what we call …

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GLOBAL COMMENT: Uniting Africa for power

Integration is essential to scale and connect markets where lack of electricity is holding back progress GLOBAL COMMENT | Tony Blair | African countries are increasingly coming together. A landmark free-trade agreement was concluded earlier this year. East Africa has made great progress on free movement of people. And a commitment to …

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COMMENT: Behind new Sugar Act

Thank you parliament for ensuring that new law on sugar shifts from ‘bitter’ Sugar Bill to new ‘Sweat’ Sugar Act COMMENT | Michael Mugabira | The Parliament of Uganda delivered a land mark victory on Nov.21 by passing the Sugar Act to streamline the affairs of the sugar industry. The Sugar Bill …

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