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COMMENT: Making journalism great again

News outlets must set their own agendas, rather than wasting resources on pursuing someone else’s COMMENT | ALEXANDRA BORCHARDT | In the debate over the future of journalism, “fake news” has taken center stage, with storylines featuring a ranting American president, Russian communication “bots,” and betrayal and subterfuge competing for public …

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Unleashing Africa’s inner strengths

Institutions, policies, and champions COMMENT | Paul Kagame | Despite the myriad challenges we still face, over the past two generations our world has become more prosperous and equitable, and also safer. Cooperation among nations has been a foundation of that progress, as well as the best mechanism for sustaining …

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GLOBAL COMMENT: Good times at last?

People are increasingly acknowledging that the global economy is stronger than they thought COMMENT | JIM O’NEILL | In February 2017, I wrote an optimistic commentary called “The Global Economy’s Surprising Resilience.” The piece came as a surprise to those who saw only bleak prospects for Western countries, not least the …

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COMMENT: Return of the newspaper

While 140 characters may have been more appealing than 700-word pieces, brevity is no longer enough COMMENT | BAJINDER PAL SINGH | Social media are no longer the new kid on the block, but in 2016, platforms like Twitter and Facebook looked poised to nudge traditional newspapers into obsolescence. Following President …

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COMMENT: Misery for inflation targeters

Why the misery index has a role to play in assessing the state of an economy and success of policy COMMENT | KOICHI HAMADA | The United States, Europe, and Japan are all making positive economic strides. In the U.S, the unemployment rate is falling, and now stands at just over …

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COMMENT: Uganda’s big dreams, small purse

Why is country mortgaging her future by relying on external borrowing rather than tax revenue? COMMENT | MUSA MAYANJA LWANGA & FLORENCE NAKAZI | In the recent past, owing to Uganda’s many development needs including large infrastructure projects and expanding public administration costs, government expenditure has significantly exceeded revenue collection. This has …

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CRISPR-Cas: Genetic engineering’s Holy Grail

CRISPR-Cas technology is poised to change the world, but those changes need to be positive  COMMENT | TECHNOLOGY | Antoine Danchin |  Since its introduction four decades ago, genetic engineering has been a source of high hopes for health, agriculture, and industry. But it has also provoked deep anxiety, not least …

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COMMENT: South Sudan’s wars

  SOUTH SUDAN: The revitalisation process can restore the tainted credibility of key players if they avoid previous mistakes. COMMENT | Duop Chak Wuol |  Countries are created in line with international treaties and norms, and the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is the deciding factor for any organised society …

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COMMENT: Inequality in the 21st century

INEQUALITY: Unless it is confronted, social cohesion and democracy itself will come under growing threat  COMMENT | Kaushik Basu | At the end of a low and dishonest year, reminiscent of the “low, dishonest decade” about which W.H. Auden wrote in his poem “September 1, 1939,” the world’s “clever hopes” are …

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