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How has the fuel crisis affected transport companies?

BUSINESS FEATURE | THE INDEPENDENT |  Rising fuel prices typically force businesses in the transport and logistics industry to either raise prices for their services or suffer a financial loss. If the prices continue to increase, the trucking companies, couriers, and packaging material providers will have no option but to increase …

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Technology and the global struggle for democracy

  If technology is a new domain of international competition, the democratic world is equipped COMMENT | MANUEL MUÑIZ | The commemoration of the first anniversary of the January 6, 2021, attack on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of former President Donald Trump showed that the extreme political polarisation that …

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Emerging inflation heresies

  Economists should be humble when they recommend (or dismiss) various inflation-fighting strategies COMMENT | DANI RODRIK | The specter of inflation is once again stalking the world after a long period of dormancy during which policymakers were more likely to be preoccupied by price deflation. Now, old debates have …

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Why we need African energy banks now

No more begging for foreign financing that only would be awarded if we abandon fossil fuels COMMENT | NJ AYUK | For more than a year, the African Energy Chamber has been pushing back against steadily building pressure to halt new foreign investments in Africa’s oil and gas industry. To …

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Repositioning Africa under the AfCFTA

It is projected that under the AfCFTA, extreme poverty will significantly decline across the continent COMMENT | ZION ADEOYE | Established in 2018, the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) represents perhaps Africa’s biggest opportunity for the next few decades in its battle against poverty of all forms; energy and …

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There is nothing wrong with the African mind

COMMENT | Kwame Gonza | African brethren, I have a big problem with this assertion of ‘a problem with the African mind’. This allegation does not hold water in the eyes of history, and, is an insult to the African personality. Africans single handedly rescued themselves and plucked victory from …

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