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Bunambutye settlement residents petition speaker Kadaga over living conditions

Landslide Victims Protest Over non teaching on Tuesday

Bulambuli, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT  |  Landslide victims in the Bunambutye resettlement camp in Bulambuli district are seeking the intervention of the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga over the poor living conditions.

According to the victims, since they were brought to the camp about two years ago, they have faced various challenges ranging from feeding, education of their children, to water scarcity among other things.

In the letter dated 13th April/2021 signed by the camp chairperson Wilson Wanasolo addressed to the speaker of Parliament, the landslide victims claim that the over 550secondary students who were taken to Masaba Senior Secondary School by the Office of the Prime Minister have been dismissed from School and that the School claims that the office of the Prime Minister doesn’t pay know them.

The Head Teacher of Masaba Senior Secondary School, Hussein Wandede, however says the there are many false claimants whom he kicked out of the school for no-payment of fees and they were not genuine beneficiaries of the Prime Minister’s Office as theyw ere claiming. He said the PMO is only sponsoring 56 students in the school.

The camp dwellers also want the speaker to address the challenges of the Bunambutye Primary School where teachers laid down their tools about a fortnight ago because they claim they have not been paid their salaries since they were posted in the school by the Bulambuli district Local government.

The letter further states that the victims who were relocated in the second phase have stayed without water services from the time they were relocated and that they move long distances in search for water.

“They move for long distances to get water for domestic use but even in phase I water is ever on and off in most cases, still members in the second phase have been staying in darkness for all this period of a year plus ie no electricity or solar panels,” the letter reads in part.

According to the victims, they have been starved for food for a long time, claiming that one child stabbed his father to death in a fight for food, arguing that the government should continue providing them monthly relief food since they have not been allocated the two acres of land that the government promised.

They also want a solution on the cracked houses in the resettlement area which puts their lives in danger, and also want government to provide them with the land titles of the promised land to show ownership. The victims also ask to be considered in the NUSAF 3 Project and in Operation Wealth Creation among other things.

Milton Henry, a resident in the resettlement area who delivered the letter to the Speaker’s Office said that they want the speaker to intervene and save them from the bad situation they are going through especially the issue of education of their children.




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