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Barack Obama: America to continue partnering with Africa in business

By Independent Reporter 

US president Barack Obama has said that his country is ready to continue partnering with African countries, one of the fastest growing continents in the world to enhance job creation, create growth among other opportunities. In his speech at the ongoing US-Africa Business Summit, the popular US president said while in South Africa, in Soweto, last year he held a town hall with young men and women from across the continent, including some who participated through a video from Uganda.

“… One young Ugandan woman spoke for many Africans when she said to me we are looking to the world for equal business partners and commitments, and not necessarily aid,” Obama said, adding we want to do

at home and be the ones to own our own markets.  He adds that is a sentiment we hear over and over again.  When I was traveling throughout Africa last year, what I heard was the desire of Africans not just for aid, but for trade and development that actually helps nations grow and empowers Africans for the long term, he added. He said they had approved US$7 billion in new financing to promote American exports to Africa.

“So the bottom line is the United States is making a major and long-term investment in Africa’s progress,” he said, adding and taken together, the new commitments I have described today — across our government and by our many partners will total up to US$33 billion. He said the support will boost development across Africa and jobs in the United States.

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