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Ugandans in diaspora protest, call for aid cut

Ugandans in diaspora hold protests over Museveni’s reign. Courtesy photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A section of Ugandans living in London and the United States on Friday held protests calling on the two governments to cut aid to Uganda.

In Downing Street, Westminster in London, the protesters who were clad in red attire chanted ‘People Power, Our Power’ and also sang a song by former National Unity Platform (NUP) presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi, ‘Tuliyamba Engule.’

Some of the protesters were wrapped in Ugandan flags and were holding placards inscribed with words such as abductions of Ugandans should stop, Enough is Enough, International Community stop supporting Museveni, while other placards were in support of NUP’s Bobi Wine presidency.

According to some of the Ugandans, Museveni has ruled the country for a long time, and the UK which gives the government aid should stop since the funds are not accounted for.

Another Ugandan says that they left their jobs to protest in the streets because of the injustice going on in Uganda.

Another protest took place in the United States Capitol building and Mercury Public Affairs office in Washington where demonstrators called for a boycott of the President. They also campaigned against his upcoming swearing-in ceremony next week.

They protested against Mercury Public which is providing strategic consulting services to Uganda despite human rights violations.

Henry Okello Oryem, the State Minister for Foreign Affairs says that the protests do not have any impact and that they were misrepresenting what is happening in the country.

He says that the government is working to ensure that the country grows economically, and is safe and secure.

According to Oryem, the government has been countering the protests by engaging the UK government and Members of Parliament in telling them what is on the ground.

Oryem says that the UK and the US know Ugandans capacity and strategic role in the region.

The US provides significant development and security assistance to Uganda of over $970 million per year, while the UK government’s assistance is an estimated 150 million pounds for last year.



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