Monday , November 29 2021
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Topics of Debate: Kasese Shootings and Mbabazi Election Petition

This week, we open with two areas of discussion.
1.First, the Kasese Attacks where Police is being accused of using unreasonable force when dealing with attackers. At least 4 people were killed on the spot while two police officers were injured in the line of duty. We put up a poll on our Twitter page about the police’s actions. 100 people participated in the poll. 26% of these think the police was justified. 69% did not seem to agree while 5% were undecided. The police has come under criticism from a wide number of circles, especially after it made an announcement that none of their officers would be investigated for the deaths.

2.    Meanwhile, the Mbabazi petition is still being heard. Last week, a group of professors from Makerere University made an application to be friends of the court aka amici curiae. According to Wikipedia; “an amicus curiae (literally, friend of the court; plural, amici curiae) is someone who is not a party to a case and offers information that bears on the case, but who has not been solicited by any of the parties to assist a court.” A final decision is expected to be heard from the supreme court judges.

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