Monday , October 2 2023


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The week that was: Dr Kazibwe, MP Nambooze and Buhari

HUMOR – THE WEEK THAT WAS: Dr Kazibwe, MP Nambooze and Buhari Dr. Wandira Kazibwe pulls out of African Union chairperson race MP Nambooze’s Bill on Alcohol kicks off amidst protest as tough regulations on tobacco control fail Nigerian President Buhari sells off jets amidst economic crisis, as RwandAir takes to the …

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To bail-out Ugandan companies or not?

Should struggling Ugandan businesses be bailed out by government? Government plans to fork out about Shs1trillion from the public purse to pay off the loans owed to commercial banks and save private businesses, whose assets some banks have already started putting under receivership. Basing on some of the potential beneficiaries, …

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Uganda’s Budget Not Aligned At Sectoral Level With NDP

Weeks back, Uganda passed its 2016/17 annual budget. The UGX 26 Trillion budget has attracted mixed reactions. During the National Budget debate organized by the Uganda Economics Association (UEA) and Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC), a number of deliberations were made. According to the Executive Director of National Planning Authority, …

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Attempted Coup in Uganda: What People Online Are Saying?

On Monday night, there was an attack at Gulu Barracks. Luckliy, it was thwarted. The Ugandans online reacted, though differently. And we captured some of their sporadic thoughts: Tufairi B Kawawa: Is ‪‎Gulu‬ the epicentre of ‪‎Uganda‬’s liberation from 30yrs of General ‪Museveni‬’s tyranny? Martin Musiime: When people become hopeless, they stop …

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Is Uganda Poor or its Poorly Managed?

Numerous reports have argued that Uganda and Africa in general are poor because they are badly governed. The recommendations are thus; for Africa to escape its under-development trap, it ought to get the keys of good governance. But what is good governance? Can good governance be measured? And if yes, …

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