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Why Besigye Feels like Becoming a Real “Terrorist?”

By Kizza Besigye Tonight, I feel like becoming a real “terrorist”! This is the effect of endless acts of impunity on the part of the Uganda Police. When the people assigned the responsibility of maintaining law and order become deliberate and arrogant law breakers, where does one turn to? The …

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The Opposition Wants Besigye but Muntu is the Person They Need

Besigye is the person the opposition wants, but Mugisha Muntu is the person the opposition needs. Muntu could probably be the noblest politician in Uganda.  He’s the only politician in Uganda who is in politics not for personal economic gain, not for personal egotistical aggrandizement. Of course Besigye his counterpart …

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28 Grounds Listed In The Petition Filed By Mbabazi

1. Your petitioner Amama Mbabazi is a person who was a candidate at the above mentioned Presidential Election and is an aggrieved candidate within the meaning of the Presidential Election Act. 2. And your petitioner states that the election was held on the 18th day of February 2016 when Abed …

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