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TBN: Tororo Broadcasting Network takes first steps today


The famous Tororo Rock. A virtual fundraiser for a radio that is expected to dominate the Tororo airwaves will be held on Saturday at Kwar Adhola’s current palace.

Tororo, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  The first fundraising event for the proposed Tororo Broadcasting Network (TBN) will be held today, with a target to raise sh100 million.

Kwar Adhola Stephen Moses Owor will be the chief guest at the fundraiser at his palace in Tororo. Organisers say the fundraising function will also target Ugandans in the diaspora, who will participate in the event on virtual platforms Facebook and Zoom.

“The committee is appealing to friends and well wishers to come together to raise at least sh100 million. You can contribute using Facebook or Zoom wherever you are in the world. Various items like mugs and T-shirts of the various clans, will be up for grabs through an auction,” said Geresom Okecho-Ochwo, co-chair of the committee in charge of the TBN project.

“This project that will surely change the landscape of Tororo and surrounding districts through, among other socio-economic benefits, providing employment opportunities for our youth, women and men both directly and indirectly. I appeal to those who have already pledged to fulfil their pledges and, also welcome more pledges.”

He however stressed that the Ministry of Health SOPs will be observed, and no more than 40 people, who will all observer social distancing,  have been invited to the palace. Expected are Tororo district political, cultural and administrative leaders, and business people.

The building that will house the studios in Tororo

Ahead of the fundraising, the organising committee of TBN received a building, that will be the home of the project.

The offer by Ambassador Bernadette Olowo- Freers will offset a budget of Sh6m annually while registration costs to the tune of Sh45 million have been pledged by the area MP, Apollo Yeri.

Re- modelling it into a modern broadcasting studio has commenced, with specifications for transmission and studio equipment agreed upon. The committee intends to place a firm order with the manufacturers soon, with delivery expected before December 1. “The plan is to have TBN rock air waves by close of 2020.”

Funds drive started

The Sh600 million funds drive to establish the radio to serve all corners of the district and beyond was earlier this year initiated by the Tieng Adhola Cultural Institution (TACI), with appeals going to potential donors in Uganda and abroad.

The funds committee have also already got a Sh11 million boost from Keto Kayemba Nyapendi. They have also completed paper-work to obtain a frequency and license from the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC).

Deputy PM Kirunda Kivejinja delivers President Yoweri Museveni’s message to HRH Kwar Adhola Moses Stephen Owor at last year’s Coronation anniversary. A radio is being mooted to promote cultural and government activities in Tororo

The estimated cost of procuring radio equipment is US$25,000 (sh100m), and installation costs of about (sh50 million).

“We appreciate payment of sh11 million by dhakodwong Keto Kayemba Nyapendi in fulfillment of her pledge. Sisters , brothers make your pledges. We need our radio rocking Tororo air waves before 2020 ends,” Okecho said.

Earlier, Okecho added that “never in the history of Padhola have the Jopadhola community shown such impetus, zest and overwhelming enthusiasm to jointly follow a path that is envisioned to forge unity, development and collective progress for all.”

TACI have also included a GoFundMe initiative online as one of the ways to raise funds. It is organised by Prof Robert Owor at Albany State University.

The committee has opened collection bank accounts with DFCU Bank Limited, Acacia Branch to ease the fundraising drive.


ACCOUNT NO (UGX): 01063658295260

ACCOUNT NO (USD): 02063658329257

Treasurer, Constant Othieno Mayende Mobile Money (MTN: 0772 590464 or Airtel: 0751 233470)

Website:  (CLICK)

GoFundMe (click)



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