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West Nile virus can kill years after infection

Miami, United States | AFP |  West Nile virus may be three times more deadly than previously thought, because many deaths associated with the mosquito-borne virus occur years after the initial infection, researchers said Monday. The findings were based on a study of 4,144 people in Texas, and were presented …

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America to copy Rwanda drone delivery system

When the Rwanda government, in partnership with the American company Zipline launched an emergency medical supplies system on Oct.13, nobody could have anticipated the interest it would generate, writes The Independent Correspondent. The latest information is that the American government now wants to copy the Rwanda system and use it to …

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Human antibody shields mouse foetuses against Zika

Paris, France | AFP | An antibody produced by the human body shielded unborn mice against Zika, a study said Monday, raising hopes for thwarting the virus known to cause brain damage in human foetuses. The antibody neutralised all known Zika strains in lab experiments, and “markedly reduced” virus levels …

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Man’s liver inflammation linked to ‘common energy drink’

Paris, France | AFP |  A construction worker who drank four to five energy drinks every day for three weeks, was hospitalised with severe liver problems “likely” caused by excessively imbibing the seemingly harmless substance, researchers said Tuesday. The man, 50, was admitted to a hospital in Florida after feeling …

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Study says cancer to kill 5.5 mn women a year by 2030

Paris, France | AFP |  Cancer will kill 5.5 million women — about the population of Denmark — per year by 2030, a near 60-percent increase in less than two decades, a report said Tuesday. As the global population grows and ages, the highest toll will be among women in …

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New Uganda UNAIDS boss to focus on children, domestic funding

The new United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) Uganda Country Representative Sande Amakobe has said she will focus on tackling infections in children, adolescent girls and boosting domestic funding during her four year tenure. Amakobe said that though Uganda is one of the countries that had initially made major strides …

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