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Parliament summons three ministers for flouting COVID-19 regulations

Benny Namugwanya and Ruth Aceng

Kampala, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  Parliament has summoned three ministers accused of flouting Covid19 preventive procedures. They are Health Minister, Jane Ruth Aceng, Micro Finance State Minister, Haruna Kasolo and the Kampala State Minister, Benny Namugwanya.  

The decision to summon the ministers came after legislators accused them during plenary of holding meetings without observing physical distancing and other standard operating procedures like wearing masks. 

Aceng was captured on camera meeting hundreds of people in Aromo Sub County in Lira District on Friday where she had gone to the launch mosquito net distribution without wearing a face mask.   

Her photo went viral on social media drawing public outrage. Aceng later told journalists that the crowd was only happy to see her and she was demonstrating to them the SOPs. 

Benny Namugwanya on the other hand addressed hundreds of people at a rally in Madudu in Mubende district. While Haruna Kasolo reportedly told his voters on media that there was no COVID-19 in Kyotera district.   

As a result, MPs led by Joseph Ssewungu, the Kalungu West MP asked Government to lift the lockdown to allow Uganda’s economy pick up from where it has fallen. They also demanded that the Ministers appear to explain their conduct.   

Kadaga has now summoned the three Ministers to appear and explain themselves on why they flouted the COVID-19 preventive guidelines but also tell the country whether there is COVID-19 or not. 



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  1. By agreeing to summon the cabinet ministers for ostensibly breaking the COVID-19 guidelines, Kadaaga is falling prey to the political machinations and witch-hunting by her house members (MPs). So many individuals, but mainly MPs who are members of a house that she Kadaaga superintends, have violated these guidelines. And none of them has been summoned to the House to account or explain. Why? Is it because these individuals are MPs, or is it because the cabinet ministers are part of the Executive? Kadaaga, apparently you have not toned down your own declared fight against the executive, and you will end up being the loser. For told is fore warned. Parliament should not be seen as an avenue or institution through which political machinations, wict-hunting takes place. You have made its reputation to sink so low.

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