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Katikkiro irked by Electoral Commission plan to allow voting without National IDs

Kabaka Mutebi recently got his National ID 

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Buganda Kingdom Kattikiro (Premier) Charles Peter Mayiga has rallied Ugandans to verify their names on the national voter’s register and ensure that they possess National Identification Cards (IDs) ahead of the 2021 general elections. He has however been irked by plans by the Electoral Commission to allow those without national IDs to vote in the next election.

“I urge all our people to go and get the National ID. The Kabaka has already led the way, and you all saw him getting his ID. I have however heard that the Electoral Commission is going to allow those without IDs to vote in the next election….. I do not understand that,” Mayiga said on Monday.

Mayiga was addressing the Kingdom Parliament (Lukiiko) at Bulange, Mengo. He emphasized the importance of participating in the elections, as a prerequisite for determining the future of the country through making choices on leadership and governance.

The appeal comes a week after the Electoral Commission started the General Update of the National Voters’ Register, in villages across the country to enable potential voters to confirm their intention to participate in the elections, and where they intend to vote from for example, place of residence or district of origin. EC warned that those who do not adhere to the process risk not voting.

During the General Update exercise which started on Thursday, November 21, the Commission will register eligible Ugandan voters, who are not yet registered, transfer individuals who wish to transfer to new voting locations, and assign polling stations for all earners who were registered under the Learners Project in 2017 and have since attained voting age.

Mayiga appealed to the Kingdom subjects to conform to this verification exercise.

However, Mayiga disagreed with recent statements that those without National IDs would be allowed to vote. He expressed doubt saying that for long, Ugandans have been participating in the process of acquiring the National Identification Cards and that it would be important for one to attain it to avoid surprises on voting day.

Recently, the Deputy Chairperson of EC Hajjat Aisha Lubega said that National IDs will not be used in the election saying that the guiding and most important documents the electoral body will use is the voters’ register on which every voter should ensure to appear.



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