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Unmasking History

Students integrate research, collaboration and innovation into art production  | DOMINIC MUWANGUZI |Unlike the idea of leaners getting confined in the classroom and dwelling on theoretical approaches of art learning or perceiving the notion of field study as simply a form of escape from the predictable university environment, the recent …

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Electric cars might not yet be green

But we should buy them anyway | THE INDEPENDENT | Transforming the way we travel is an essential part of tackling the climate crisis. The transport sector contributes about 20% of global carbon emissions. In the UK the figure is 33%, and the country has made virtually no progress in reducing …

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The Murchison Falls giveaway

Do a thorough due-diligence on Bonang Power, government told Kampala, Uganda | RONALD MUSOKE | Fifteen civil society organizations (CSOs) have asked the Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) to share details with Ugandans that show South African energy firm, Bonang Power and Energy Pty Ltd, is technically capable and financially sound …

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Uganda’s war on corruption

It’s not all doom and gloom Kamapal, Uganda | RONALD MUSOKE | December 04 marked another key moment in President Yoweri Museveni’s protracted fight against corruption that has for a long time blighted Uganda’s development agenda. Flanked by several high profile government officials, religious and civil society leaders, Museveni walked …

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Driving in a flood

Avoid it if you can, be careful if you can’t | MOTORING GURU | The rain these days is throwing up the unexpected. A road that you have driven on for years without incident will easily become flooded. That is why it is important to recall the tips you picked …

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Art creates water

An exhibition of contrasts at the musuem Kampala, Uganda | DOMINIC MUWANGUZI | Art is increasingly being adopted as a medium for institutions to advocate social change in communities. Art is seen to have potential to shape or influence everyday perceptions by mirroring the social condition and behavior of communities. …

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Uganda’s War against Corruption

Accounting officers should be on the frontline To say that corruption is wide spread in our society is an understatement. It touches everything and everyone but the poor and marginalised have the most to lose since wealthier citizens can privately source the services that corruption denies all of us. For …

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