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Encroachment on Entebbe Airport land threatens Uganda’s airspace

FILE PHOTO: Entebbe Airport

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Encroachment on key installations and areas close to Entebbe International Airport is threatening Aviation safety in Uganda’s airspace. The installations include the airport arrival and departure apprise that help in the movement of aircraft and communication on the radar and control towers.

But the airport, part of a peninsular bordering Lake Victoria, has been encroached on by individuals claiming ownership of the land. Some of them have constructed high rise buildings in the area surrounding the equator island, close to the airport runway and the veterinary land close to the airport radar, among others.

Aviation experts say that the construction of storied buildings close to the airport reduces flight height for planes to take off and land at the airport.  They further argue that such buildings can easily be used by terrorists to launch attacks on aircraft, posing a security risk to residents and travellers.

Vianney Luggya, the Public Affairs Manager of the Civil Aviation Authority told Uganda Radio Network in an interview that many people tend to start constructing in such places close to key airport installations which threatens safety and security of the aviation industry in Uganda.

Maria Assumpta Nakamya, a leader at Entebbe Municipal council says that Municipal authorities in Entebbe take the blame for leasing offers to people in such places without consulting those in the aviation industry to ascertain the needs of a secure airport.

But the municipal leaders led by the town clerk Charles Magumba said earlier this week that they had halted the approval of plans in areas that have not been surveyed by the Physical planner such that key security places in the municipality are secured.



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