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Boda boda riders protest increased insecurity

Some of the protestors walk along Obote way in Jinja town.

Jinja, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  Boda boda motorcyclists have started a peaceful demonstration in Jinja municipality protesting the increase insecurity, which has claimed the lives of their colleagues.

The Saturday morning protest stemmed from the death of Sadat Mulyowa, whose body was found lying in a pool of blood in Magwa village in Jinja central division.

The deceased had deep cuts on the head and neck. Angry motorists carried his body and led a procession through various streets in Jinja town, accusing police of failing to protect their lives.

Eria Musobya, the Chairperson of Jinja Boda boda union, says at least five Boda boda motorcyclists have been killed in different parts of the municipality in a period of seven months.

“But there is no police report to that effect yet the killings seem to be increasing,” he says.

Adding that, “we have lost eight motorcycles since the year began but police is just silent about the whole matter and we are not sure whether they are even investigating.”

James Mugere, a Boda boda rider says they decided to march with the deceased’s body after police failed to visit the scene of crime on time.

Mugere says there is need for police to identify black spots and intensify mobile patrols, which will increase security.

Simon Barikye, another Boda boda rider says that police is slow to react on cases of insecurity involving Boda boda riders. 

Paul Nkore, the Kiira Regional Police commander has charged the riders to ride in groups during night time so as to reduce on the risks of attacks.



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