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What kind of candidate are you?

By The Independent Team

Whether in trees or on the road, campaign posters provide insight and at times, a good laugh.

As election momentum builds in the country for NRM primaries and the general election, the capital city is awash in campaign props. Dangling from trees and electric wires, or plastered on telephone booths and wooden poles, faces and slogans are made to be seen and read. As elections draw closer some of them might even become campaign tunes.

Each candidate uses their posters in different ways. Some like to have their face as pronounced as possible to convey an image of power; others like to crowd their posters with slogans that are easy to pronounce and remember.

Many candidates come up with their own slogans before giving them to advertising agencies to produce. However, some agencies such as Saachi & Saachi or Mawad say they are hesitant to accept this work out of concern they could be perceived as supporting a particular party or candidate afterward.

Here are a few interesting campaign signs The Independent noticed during its tour through the city:

Geoffrey Nyakana Amooti

Amooti is competing again to become chairperson of the Kampala central division. His slogan, Gwo labyeko yemwana translates to, you can only say you have a child after you have seen them. This means appreciate what you have instead of craving what have not seen. His other slogan, Omuntu wa bantu simply translates to, man of the people. It might lack originality but will probably work well during the campaigns if people have to sing.

Fred Bamwine

Bamwine is an NRM candidate for Kampala division MP and has been a resident district commissioner in Kampala for the last seven years.. His slogan, Nesiga Nze Suubilyo means For your hope rely on me. Bamwine believes Kampalans have generally lost hope in their local leaders, which have been dominated by DP candidates since 1998, and his words aim to reassure voters that his leadership will be different.

Mohammad Nsekero

Nsekero is the head of the Kampala central division land board and candidate for Kampala division MP. He has three slogans written on his posters. Omwana wamwe aze sigiri zaake says one, which means, Your son has come so that cooking stoves can be lighted. This slogan is designed to tell people that his leadership represents revival. Another of his slogans, yes we can, was popular in President Barrack Obama’s campaign.

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