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THIS WEEK: Centenary park row settled, part demolished

A man sorts through the remnants of Centenary Park after part of it was demolished for fly-over works and expansion of a sewer line. INDEPENDENT/JIMMY SIYA

THIS WEEK: Centenary park row settled, part demolished

Tempers were high as the parliamentary Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authorities and State Enterprises (COSASE) quizzed KCCA officials, the police and managers of Nnalongo Estates over demolition of Centenary Park to pave way for construction of a sewer line, electricity line and a fly over.

Before President Museveni in a July 07 meeting ordered for demolition of part of the park to allow for construction of the sewer line Sarah Nyakaana the manager Nnalongo Estates the company that has been running the park which currently houses restaurants, bars and night clubs had told legislators that demolishing the structures was against an agreement that they had reached with the authority and that they were entitled to an automatic renewal of their expired lease something the authority has failed to honor.

However adding to COSASE’s directive, Museveni ordered National Water and Sewerage Corporation to demolish so that can construction works can begin.


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