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Ugandan Woman MP Kaudha dies after child-birth complications

Kaudha Grace Hailat Magumba at her swearing in recently
Kampala, Uganda| GODFREY SSALI | Iganga Woman Member of Parliament (MP) Kaudha Grace Hailat Magumba,30, died Friday night after she developed complications related to pregnancy.

The Secretary General of the ruling National Resistance Movement(NRM) Justine Lumumba confirmed the death, revealing that Kaudha passed away at Mulago National Referral Hospital (Kawempe extension) after succumbing to severe pre-eclampsia.

Pre-eclampsia is a condition during pregnancy where there is a sudden rise in blood pressure and swelling, mostly in the face, hands, and feet.

Preeclampsia is the most common complication to occur during pregnancy and a leading cause of death among expectant mothers.

The 2016 National Maternal mortality rates indicate that Uganda has 336 deaths per 100,000 live births.

According to Lumumba, Kaudha was reportedly rushed to Case Clinic in the centre of Kampala only to be told that there was no gynaecologist on duty.

She was referred to Mulago National Referral hospital (Kawempe extension) where she died.

Kaudha was born on October 14, 1986 and was serving her first term in Parliament on the ruling National Resistance Movement(NRM) ticket.

The MP has been serving on the Committee on rules, discpline and privileges and the Committee on Gender, Labour and Social Development.

She had replaced Kabaale Kwagala Olivia as Iganga district Woman MP.

Kaudha is the third Mp to die in just a year in the 10th Parliament after Moroto Woman MP Anne Logiel and Toroma County MP Cyrus Amodoi Imalingat.


  1. Kibodhe julius

    It’s really atragedy.may her soul RIP

  2. Mufuganyonyi Billyhust


  3. May her soul Rest in peace

  4. Ndinawe Kateera

    Maternal mortality is a big issue to contend with but our leaders including MPs hold the wrong end of the stick in determining priorities; they are busy awarding themselves car grants of 200m and defiling our constitution to galvanise Musevenism. I think we are cursed!

  5. Atukwase Cristus Bns

    It’s sad to face such brain drainage may her soul rest in Peace .
    To the rest MP’s I call upon your response positively on problems in the ministry of health please wake up because the nation is at stake more especially in it’s failing economical state due to the concentration of health sector on the quantity rather than quality look at the type of care delivered to our people not that they can’t have the best but we limit them and you ask your selves how ? Take an example of the care people receive in Nakesero hospital limited and compare it with care in our national referral at the moment and what’s the cause just quality we all love to attend private hospitals but we can achieve more if the government recognises the importance of quality if HIK and NHL can employ critical care nusres and bachelor nurses what’s hard for government to include them in their system its ten years they have been training Bsc.N. but non is employed and the course was approved by government and the major reason is that the government can’t pay them but they pay more than 25m to an mp an indicator that they have choosen money over life they have not had pharmacists in their system and stock outs have turned out to be stock outs causing death many of our beloved people so let’s fight to mind about quality of service while its still possible since the economy has no sign of being better .
    I say this not that am a critic but because I love this mighty nation and a remedy to our current situation is a good idea otherwise I like the government and as well I like the skilled people we loose everyday .
    Quote my words the economy is either improving or not but health is more important.

  6. May her R.I.P.
    But the health conditions of this country shows incompetence and disgusting.

  7. May her soul rest in eternal peace

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