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Uganda’s pilgrimage losing spiritual clout – Clerics

  Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A host of alien practices have infiltrated conservative traditions of pilgrimage in the Roman Catholic Church as more people move away from the idea of wandering in a journey with a purpose to honour God. What is supposed to be a spiritual journey, has …

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God can `save’ you – literally, scientists find

How religious experiences may benefit mental health | ANA SANDOIU | A survey of thousands of people suggests that mystical experiences positively affect a person’s mental health, regardless of whether they are naturally occurring or a result of psychedelic drugs. New research suggests that having deep religious experiences may significantly …

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Left-handers less likely to believe in God

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | In a study published in the journal `Evolutionary Psychological Science’, scientists have discovered an interesting connection between atheism and certain genetic traits, including left-handedness, schizophrenia, and autism. It all comes down to the DNA and something they refer to as “mutational load”. Essentially, people …

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Happiness and God

Are religious people happier than non-religious people? Kampala, Uganda | KAYONDO HUBERT NGAMABA | What makes people happy? This question can be difficult to answer. Happiness has been discussed throughout history. Philosophers, thinkers and activists, such as Aristippus, Aristotle, Zhuangzi, Jean Jacques Rousseau, Jeremy Benthan and Bertrand Russell, have considered happiness …

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