Monday , May 16 2022
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WHO: Zika no longer a world public health emergency

Geneva, Switzerland | AFP |  The World Health Organization on Friday announced in an online press conference that the Zika virus outbreak no longer poses a world public health emergency. “The Zika virus remains a highly significant and long term problem, but it is not any more a public heath …

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Butabika state-of-the-art Health lab to lead TB, AIDS fight

The Uganda National Laboratories Services (UNLS) and National Tuberculosis (TB) reference Laboratory in Butabika commissioned on Thursday will provide the country with modern tools in the fight against several infectious diseases. According to officials, the Butabika laboratory has new world class infrastructure and will support health practitioners to provide more accurate and faster …

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Progress toward long-acting malaria pill

Miami, United States | AFP | Scientists have made progress toward a pill that lingers in the stomach and releases its contents over a span of two weeks, an advance that could boost the fight against malaria and other diseases, a study said Wednesday. The research, funded by the Bill …

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West Nile virus can kill years after infection

Miami, United States | AFP |  West Nile virus may be three times more deadly than previously thought, because many deaths associated with the mosquito-borne virus occur years after the initial infection, researchers said Monday. The findings were based on a study of 4,144 people in Texas, and were presented …

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America to copy Rwanda drone delivery system

When the Rwanda government, in partnership with the American company Zipline launched an emergency medical supplies system on Oct.13, nobody could have anticipated the interest it would generate, writes The Independent Correspondent. The latest information is that the American government now wants to copy the Rwanda system and use it to …

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