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This is what makes our beautiful Uganda look bad!


NOT A GOOD HABIT: Rubbish is thrown everywhere in the city


We need an organized Uganda and it starts with me and you

COMMENT | Samson Tinka |  Uganda as a country is naturally beautiful. The climate, vegetation, the hills, valleys, plains, wildlife, fresh waters are all available and plenty. It’s known as a country of hospitable people. Our food is still natural and organic. Generally there are a lot of things that make Uganda not only good ,but beautiful.

However, as a population we continue to exhibit some strange behavior – acts that completely tarnish Uganda’s image. These tendencies are found with in the so called country’s  illiterate, semi illiterate and the high end people. Below are some of the notable acts and behavior shown by Ugandans especially in the urban communities.
✳ Dumping of trash anyhow
Many times I have personally witnessed individuals either well dressed or driving posh cars throwing trash in any dustbin they find across the road. Others do it on streets, verandahs, corridors, trenches, as they wait at traffic lights, Kampala road itself,  among other places. You wonder if this person is in their right senses. Such act is clear signal of how remote, unethical, immature many Ugandans are.

Abuse of traffic lights
The most abused traffic lights especially at night are traffic lights between Entebbe airport and Kampala. Most abusers are airport taxi drivers and other Ugandans. These lights serve three purposes –  namely stop, get ready and go. Anyone who drives past these lights when in red can cause an accident anytime on our roads. Many times I have confronted these guys especially those going to the airport because I follow them and arrest or caution them. What kills me is they all speak good English while giving excuses why the violated traffic lights. This is not only shameful but criminal.
Lack of respect
Bosses at work places don’t respect their juniors, students don’t respect their teachers, business people don’t respect their customers, couples don’t respect each other, security junior officers don’t respect their commanders. Lack of respect is a sign of moral degeneration in our societies. It’s very common for Ugandans not to listen at all. Even when a child has something to say, the parent will shut him up, same as boss versus junior staff, police officer versus civilian who is on the counter to report a case. Where there is no respect whether in our homes, places of work or in politics, certainly everything will look bad. Until we learn to listen more and talk less, we may not have constructive conversations.
✳ Failure to keep time
From office meetings, wedding meetings, association gatherings, church services…the story about keeping time is legendary in our country.  Ugandans have demonstrated that they can not keep time. I know a few individuals who have really made it a point to keep time viz Patrick Mweheire, Alykhan Kanali of Mukwano, my late father. Keeping time is a sign of respect, seriousness and commitment. Most Kampala chaps give excuses of traffic jam. This is obviously an indication of laci of seriousness.
When investors, business associates fly into our country and we don’t make it on time for various appointments, these guys look at us as being very uncultured.
✳ Misuse of resources
Both at home and at work, people are seen misusing every resource in front of them. Be it water flowing into the the sink, ironing one cloth everyday, cooking bathing water for ten people at home in one litre kettle, printing unnecessary work, failure to switch off AC after work, failure to service their own cars on time etc. Misuse of resources has a direct impact on individual and general resources, incomes, revenues, savings, and eventually development and growth. Misuse of resources whether in office or home, it ends up being a habit and a bad one anyway. Investors and leaders are cost mindful but Ugandans are not. Every cost saved means a lot for this country.
✳ Negative attitude and energy 
Ugandans continue to portray and show negative energy and attitude. Even when they are doing their own projects there is always a reason why something’s can go the way they should. Negative energy is like a flat tire. It can’t take you anywhere. It’s important to live a everything is possible life. Some of us fail before starting because of just bad attitude.
Failure  to meet deadlines
This is very common. It’s a sign of laziness. Meeting deadlines whether for our own projects or employers is an indication of commitment and shows how focused a partner is.
All the mentioned issues above can be addressed without going to any school or institution. If we don’t work on such issues individually or collectively, we are doomed. Most times we blame the government for this and that but no government will impart manners in us.
We should henceforth stop dumping trash everywhere and anywhere. The highest cost incurred by KCCA outside wage bill is costs associated with cleaning the city and sanitation. Desilting trenches and picking trash is so expensive.
Let’s reform our conduct, behavior, attitudes and above all let’s respect one other irrespective of our status in our families and communities that we live in.
We need a an organized Uganda and it starts with me and you.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


 Samson Tinka is a safety and security expert.



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