Thursday , May 24 2018


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COMMENT: Kindly, stop blaming road engineers

COMMENT | Moses Twesigomwe | Whenever it rains to reasonable levels, the City of Kampala experiences unprecedented levels of flooding. The general public and the elite, especially the seasoned writers, are quick to blame city [road] engineers for poor [drainage] designs and construction. I do not envy Jennifer Ssemakula Musisi’s …

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Citizenship by Investment 2

The whole process of purchasing citizenship in the Caribbean CITIZENSHIP | SPECIAL FEATURE | It might sound fairly dubious – and the legislatures of China, the USA and numerous EU nations would concur, however purchasing citizenship in the Caribbean is a self-managing industry, and is utilized essentially by well-off businessmen who …

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Citizenship by Investment 1

A few important things when talking about Citizenship by investment CITIZENSHIP | SPECIAL FEATURE | For those still new to the expression or uncertain of its significance, citizenship by investment programs (CBI for short) are the lawful, progressively prominent and dynamically routines with regards to a country making its citizenship …

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COMMENT: Parenting challenges

COMMENT | By Amos Wekesa | Recently out of curiosity, my son asks me why I fly economy class when I travel with him, his brother and sister. I realized that children need a lot more explanation about why we do certain things. I tell my son, I make sure I don’t …

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