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‘Just say no’ to drug legalisation: WHO chief

Manila, Philippines | AFP | With Canada on the verge of becoming the world’s second nation to legalise recreational marijuana, the head of the World Health Organization said Wednesday that countries should think twice before opening that door. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who was in the Philippines for a regional …

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French health watchdog calls for ban on sunbeds

Paris, France | AFP | The French health watchdog Wednesday urged the government to outlaw sunlamps and sunbeds because of the “proven” risk of skin cancer, in line with similar bans already in place in Australia and Brazil. “We recommend banning all activities linked to artificial tanning, along with ultraviolet sunlamps …

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COMMENT: What is threatening science?

Scientists in recent decades have felt increasingly compelled to oversell their research for funding COMMENT | JEREMY J.BAUMBERG | Scientific knowledge and technological innovation, as Yuval Noah Harariemphasises in hisbookSapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, are among the key drivers of economic progress. Yet there is remarkably little reflection taking …

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The search for a baby just got easier

Hopeful patients get first experience at Uganda’s first public women’s hospital Kampala, Uganda | FLAVIA NASSAKA | People wander around. Some take selfies and group photos. All rave about the convenience, the décor and point at the nicely positioned potted fresh flowers and photo frames hanging over neatly painted sky …

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Infections that won’t go away

Here is why your diagnosis, treatment could be wrong Kampala, Uganda | FLAVIA NASSAKA | Martin Muhangi often gets headache, fever, joint aches and sometimes stomach ache. He has been given medicine from hospital but the ailments persist. But the bank teller in Kampala is more frustrated because the doctors keep …

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What’s wrong with condom campaign?

Why government officials say you, probably, shouldn’t give your girl a Kiss Kampala, Uganda | FLAVIA NASSAKA | Do you prefer your man sweet like chocolate, fresh like strawberry or classic like ……… You decide! That is according to a new series of adverts which, on TV and billboards, features an …

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WHO lists Snake bites amongst top 20 killers

In Uganda, many antivenoms do not work, all snakebite first aid information is wrong Kampala, Uganda | FLAVIA NASSAKA | In 2002, James Ntulume developed a keen interest in snakes. Then an owner of a farm – Snakes Uganda—located in an upscale Kampala suburb, Muyenga, Ntulume immersed himself into studying the …

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