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Slum health is not urban health

By Alex Ezeh, Blessing Mberu and Tilahun Haregu Why we must distinguish between the two We live in an urban century. Already more than 50% of the global population lives in urban areas. The United Nations estimates that by 2030 five billion of the world’s population of eight billion will …

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Growers ask court to categorise mirungi as vegetable, not narcotic

Wakiso District growers of khat, referred to locally as mairungi or Miraa, on Monday went to the Constitutional Court seeking orders de-categorizing the crop. They want it categorized as a vegetable, not a narcotic drugs. The farmers under their umbrella organization Wakiso Miraa Growers and Dealers Association Ltd want restraining orders …

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Iran official calls for sterilisation for sex workers

Tehran, Iran | AFP | Female sex workers and homeless drug addicts in Tehran should be “convinced” to undergo sterilisation to prevent social problems, a deputy provincial governor in the Iranian capital said on Sunday. “These women deal drugs, consume drugs and also work as sex workers,” Siavash Shahrivar told …

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Californians to say ‘cheers’ at hair salons in 2017

Los Angeles, United States | AFP |  Come Sunday, Californians will legally be able to raise a glass of alcohol while getting a haircut or beard trim at beauty salons and barbershops. Although the practice of offering complementary wine and beer at such establishments has been going on quietly for …

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Born again: baby boom after China ends one-child rule

Beijing, China | AFP | As soon as China abandoned its one-child policy a year ago, Zheng Xiaoyu and her husband started trying for a sibling for their nine-year-old son. Their efforts bore fruit with another boy — one of a million extra births this year. “The traditional Chinese thinking …

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Brain surgery in Uganda

Neurosurgeons explain how lack of advanced technology is danger to patients The symptoms are ordinary enough in the initial stages; usually just headache that appears not to respond to treatment. But this soon advances in slightly more severe symptoms such as double vision, seizures, and difficulty in speech. At this …

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Pregnancy changes a woman’s brain: study

Paris, France | AFP |  Pregnancy causes “long-lasting” physical changes to a woman’s brain, with significant, but seemingly beneficial, grey matter loss in parts of the crucial organ, a study said. Some alterations lasted at least two years, they reported, but did not appear to erode memory or other mental …

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COMMENT: Universal health in Africa

COMMENT: By Matshidiso Moeti Ghana’s insurance scheme and Ethiopia’s a cadre of health-extension workers prove it is achievable Three years ago, a young boy in rural Guinea fell victim to the Ebola virus. An epidemic soon took hold of West Africa. By the time it was contained, it had killed …

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