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Senegal president pardons Khalifa Sall, ex-mayor of Dakar


Macky Sall

Dakar, Senegal | AFP |  Senegal’s President Macky Sall has pardoned former Dakar mayor and political rival Khalifa Sall, who had been sentenced to prison for fraudulent use of public funds, the presidency announced Sunday.

Khalifa Sall, no relation of the president, has been in jail since March 2017 and was sentenced to five years in prison in August 2018.

He was therefore barred from taking part in presidential elections in February.

The president has “totally annulled his sentences,” said a presidential decree made public Sunday.

Khalifa Sall, 63, served as Dakar mayor from 2009 till 2018 when the president removed him from office,

“I thank the head of state (Macky Sall) who had promised me this release,” said

Sowam Wardini, who took over as Dakar mayor from Khalifa Sall.

“Khalifa Sall is returning to his family today,” he added.

Khalifa Sall was elected to parliament in 2017 but never got the chance to take his seat.

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