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Political party drama and democracy

Why comedy of well-crafted theater scripts has unfolded within FDC which used to be regarded as one of the best COMMENT | MICHAEL WOIRA | In the world of politics, what we learn in theory often doesn’t match up with what actually happens in practice. Speaking as someone who studied political …

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Pareto and the roots of politics

Why he didn’t politics could be understood from the self-serving narratives of the protagonists COMMENT | ALERTO MINGARDI | Many political disputes in recent years have been framed as battles between economic rationality and eruptions of irrationality that we label populism. But cognitive psychologists and economists would point out that political …

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Expanded BRICS could re-set world politics

But picking new members isn’t straightforward Kampala, Uganda | BHASO NDZENDZE & SIPHAMANDLA ZONDI | Eager to escape perceived western domination, several countries  mostly in the global south  are looking to join the Brics bloc. The five-country bloc (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) is also looking to grow its …

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