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Relatives of NUP exiles storm RDC’s office in Busia

Relatives of fled NUP party leaders camp at the RDC’s office in Busia. Courtesy photo

Busia, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Relatives of exiled National Unity Platform -NUP leaders in Busia district have stormed the office of the Resident District Commissioner – RDC demanding for their safety.

At least four NUP party leaders fled Busia early in February this year after 2021 general elections in fear of their lives, suspecting that were the next target of the security operatives.

Now suspected either to be hiding in Kenya or under detention at unknown locations, the NUP exiles are Erias Kwamusi, the former Samia Bugwe North parliamentary contestant, Living Mabachi Barasa, another parliamentary contestant in Busia Municipality, Musa Abdul Were, the Busia district NUP party chairman and Eddy Festo Mayende, the Busia district NUP party general secretary.

Their flight follows the sighting of ‘drones’ in Busia and at their homes in the wake of recent security operations in some parts of the country like Kampala and Wakiso where some NUP leaders and supporters were reportedly abducted by security operatives using numberless ‘drone’ vans with many not released to date.

Godfrey Barasa and Wabwire Barasa Mabachi, the brothers to Living Barasa Mabachi say that they want the Busia RDC to go on the local radio station and pronounce peace in Busia and also assure the public that the NUP party leaders who are in exile are not being targeted by security operatives.

Godfrey Barasa says that the security operatives who were in a white drone car on the 3rd of February this year went to his brother’s home at night and fortunately Living Barasa Mabachi was not around and the officer’s went away. Since then, his brother has never came back home.

The sister to Musa Abdul Were, the Busia district NUP party leader, Faziira Natocho says that they last saw their brother on 3rd of February when Musa escaped arrest from security operatives who were in a white ‘drone’ around Busia customs area. According to Natocho, they are worried of their brother’s whereabouts because they have severally tried his personal mobile phone but is also not on the network.

Edith Nabwire, a resident of Arubaine B village says that they are demanding for an explanation from the RDC as to why her child Eddy Festo Mayende is among those being hunted by security operatives yet he was just a mere party general secretary.

Nabwire who is at her 50’s says that she is struggling with the grand children whom her son left at home. They want the RDC to come out and assure the public that NUP leaders who are in hiding are not criminals and are free from getting arrested so that they can come back to help their families.

John Relx Achiro, the Busia Resident District Commissioner says that the district opposition leaders fled the area on rumors from unknown people because they have never been the target to security operatives. He is now expected to go to the local radio station and pronounce that the leaders are safe.



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